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Stories of the Land

CA Ranch land

In It for Farmers

Celebrating American Farms

Farming is the most complex and rewarding industry on earth. Go behind the scenes into the daily lives and operations of the American farmers who proudly feed the world.

Harvest at sunset

Meet Your Harvest Heroes

It takes a whole team to keep harvest rolling. You told us who the heroes were on your farms in 2020. Meet the winners and read their inspiring stories of working on the land.

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Take a Field Trip

Get a first-hand look at how your food and drink are grown and raised. Tara Beaver Coronado’s “Field Trips,” sponsored by Corteva Agriscience, highlight the stories of California agriculture and the land that sustains us all.

Making Wine With Pressley Vineyards

In the California Delta, Pressley Vineyards counts on hard work, sustainable practices, faith and a little bit of luck to create quality wines.


Raising Lambs With Emigh Livestock

In 1877, the Emigh family became one of the first to farm in the Montezuma Hills outside Rio Vista, California. Today the lambs at Emigh Livestock feed and play in a sustainable operation.


The Chicken and the Egg at Wise Acre Farm

Eggs from a vending machine? It’s reality at Wise Acre Farm. Watch how they do it.

Growing Trees From Stumps at Indian Rock Christmas Tree Farm

Visit a thriving Christmas tree farm where two generations make Christmas magic.


Nose-to-Nose With an Alpaca at Macedo’s Mini Acre

Generations of alpacas and llamas have been raised and shorn here, where yarn begins.

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far at Delfino Farms

Family and good food come together at Delfino Farms in California's Apple Hill region — and the sheep help out too! 

Almonds and Chickens at The Valk Ranch

It's always recess or lunchtime at The Valk Ranch — at least for the chickens. In the almond orchard, they experiment with new farming methods to get the best results and steward the land well.

Milk Runs in the Family at Hidden Valley Dairy

The Nutcher family views their cows as athletes, using a nutritionist and feed monitoring system to give them the ideal nutrition mix — all from a giant mixing bowl! 

Farmer in a truck overlooking field at sunset

We’re in It for Good

Sustainability matters more than ever for farmers, for the land, in our communities and in our operations. Corteva Agriscience is committed to advancing sustainable agriculture to enrich our lives and our planet for generations to come.

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