Control More Weeds With Fewer Jugs

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Cordell Schmitz and John Miller

When Cordell Schmitz needs an economical, flexible and broad-spectrum weed control product for his spring wheat-growing customers, he often turns to PerfectMatch® herbicide.

“With PerfectMatch, I can go to a field with kochia issues, then a field with Canada thistle and then another field with lambsquarters, and it cleans it all up,” says Schmitz, agronomy location manager for Winfield United in Hazelton, North Dakota. “We can control most everything in the broadleaf weed spectrum as well as the grasses like foxtail and wild oat.”

Two modes of action and three active ingredients can help simplify tank-mix recipes when farming is anything but simple. 

“PerfectMatch is competitive with using multiple products to create a similar tank mix but is more convenient,” Schmitz says.

PerfectMatch helps manage herbicide resistance and controls almost 100 broadleaf weeds and grasses. Flexible application timing allows sprays to be made as early as three-leaf and as late as jointing.

Another key advantage is the easy tank cleanout between fields, which saves time, Schmitz points out.

“PerfectMatch shines,” Schmitz says. “Our sprayer often has PerfectMatch in the tank for that reason. We can cover a wide swath of fields with the broad-spectrum control PerfectMatch provides, and that residual often carries through to canopy.”

About one-third of the crop protection products sold at the Hazelton location are eventually custom-applied using one of the retailer’s sprayers. 

“The tighter the application window, the more calls we get for custom application,” says John Miller, custom applicator at the Hazelton retail location. “With PerfectMatch, we don’t have to tank-mix it with another product to get broadleaf control. That’s less product we need to carry on the trailer.”

For his growers who are following a spring wheat crop with a cover crop planting, Schmitz recommends OpenSky® herbicide.

“OpenSky gives us similar weed control to PerfectMatch but fits where we don’t need residual activity,” Schmitz says. “We can target Russian thistle, kochia and a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds but still have the rotational flexibility we need.”

A lack of rainfall will also trigger a recommendation of OpenSky from Schmitz. 

“If there are more premixes in an early season tank mix, I can put one jug in the tank instead of three,” Miller says. “It’s about simplicity — less measuring, less waste and more efficiency.”

OpenSky® and PerfectMatch® are not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.