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Barley harvest

In a region that grows a diversified mix of crops including barley, wheat, corn, sugar beets, soybeans, alfalfa, grass hay and more, having a cereals herbicide that flexes when you do can be a crop saver.

For growers who rotate wheat and barley crops, achieving effective control of kochia is top-of-mind, says Barry Marsh, a retail agronomist with Helena Ag in Billings, Montana.

“Kochia is probably the worst animal in a barley-wheat rotation,” Marsh says. “Rezuvant performs well, controlling both kochia and wild oat.”

Rezuvant® herbicide elevates cross-spectrum weed control performance for spring and winter wheat and barley growers by combining three powerful active ingredients in one convenient premix. Rezuvant also offers crop rotation flexibility the following spring to all major crops, except lentils.

North Dakota agronomist Tom Irwin relies on Rezuvant to control kochia, wild oat and pigeon grass (yellow foxtail). 

“Our malt barley all got Rezuvant this year, especially if a grower had both barley and wheat,” says Irwin, with Mott Equity Agronomy. “We can push the easy button with one product for both crops, and it smokes kochia. Any barley that’s getting a graminicide is getting Rezuvant.”

Irwin recommends Rezuvant for wheat and barley fields where Canada thistle is not an issue and a rotation to lentils legumes is not in the plans for the following growing season. 

“Rezuvant offers the convenience of two products in one jug to control a wide range of weeds,” Irwin says. “Rezuvant also has a nice fit as the crop gets larger, and I’ve got crop safety with it, too.”

“Starane does such a great job for kochia control. I wouldn’t have it not be in my tank mix.” — Barry Marsh

With three sites of action, an elevated load of fluroxypyr plus the power of Arylex® active, Rezuvant delivers consistent control of hard-to-manage weeds such as kochia, wild buckwheat, common lambsquarters, marestail, Italian ryegrass, foxtail and wild oat, including Group 2-resistant biotypes.

Other weed control options Marsh often recommends are Starane® Ultra and Stinger® herbicides.

“A lot our tank mixes will include Starane or both Starane and Stinger. Starane does such a great job for kochia control. I wouldn’t have it not be in my tank mix,” Marsh says. “We rely on Stinger for Canada thistle and Russian thistle control.”

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Rezuvant®, Starane® Ultra and Stinger®, are not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.