Simplify Weed Control in Wheat With PerfectMatch® Herbicide

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Wheat growers who are looking for broad-spectrum weed control in one herbicide product need to look no further. PerfectMatch® herbicide is a one-product solution for reliable, effective and convenient control of high-anxiety broadleaf weeds and grasses in spring wheat and durum fields.

PerfectMatch combines the trusted broadleaf weed control of WideMatch® herbicide with the leading grass control in spring wheat — including durum — and winter wheat to deliver broad-spectrum control available in one product. PerfectMatch is proven to manage larger hard-to-control weeds — up to 8 inches tall — compared with most wheat herbicides.

“We recommended PerfectMatch to a few of our growers who were concerned about bigger broadleaves, where some products like Husky Complete aren’t good when the weeds get to a certain size,” says Zac Christianson, agronomist with North 14 Agronomy, Upham, North Dakota. “We were very impressed with the broadleaves that were controlled with PerfectMatch.”

By adding PerfectMatch® herbicide to a weed management program, growers will benefit from control of 86 broadleaf weeds, including kochia, wild mustard, wild buckwheat, lambsquarters, redroot pigweed and season-long control of Canada thistle.

In addition, PerfectMatch controls 13 high-anxiety grasses, including ACCase-resistant wild oats, downy brome, cheatgrass, barnyardgrass, yellow foxtail and ALS-susceptible Italian ryegrass.

“PerfectMatch is great for kochia, thistle and downy brome,” says Zac Turner, agronomist with Cone Ag, Pierre, South Dakota. “It’s going to take care of the three weeds I fight the most. What I’ve seen so far this year, PerfectMatch has done everything I’ve needed in a herbicide.”

PerfectMatch® herbicide allows rotation away from commonly used Group 1 grass herbicides. The combination two modes of action — Group 2 and Group 4 — in three active ingredients help manage herbicide resistance, reducing the likelihood of tough-to-control weeds developing resistance in spring wheat fields.

“When you can tell somebody that this [PerfectMatch] is just like spraying your pint of WideMatch, and that nothing’s changed plus you’re getting the grass, it was real easy, it was a simple decision,” says Eric Bernhardt, a North Dakota wheat grower and agronomist with Missouri Valley Ag, Hazelton, North Dakota.  “I think being a grower myself makes my job 10 times easier because I’m able to tell guys what I’ve seen on my own.

“There’s so many things we can’t control on the farm, so the stuff that we can control we better do a good job at. Having PerfectMatch out there, and having the confidence in PerfectMatch to do what we’re going to ask it to do, that’s one nice thing that we can control. PerfectMatch simplified the whole game for us in spraying spring wheat. It made it way easier.”

For more information about PerfectMatch® herbicide, contact your sales representative, agronomist, retailer or Extension specialist.