Season-long Weed Control in Wheat Starts Now

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Golden wheat field

As days warm and moisture (hopefully) falls, it is not just the wheat that begins to grow but also early weeds, including henbit and mustards.

“Weeds aren’t cyclical, unlike insects,” says Michael Lovelace, field scientist with Corteva Agriscience. “If you had weeds in this year’s crops, you’re going to have them in the next one. This isn’t always the case with insects.”

In the early time frame of February and March, Lovelace says, Quelex® herbicide with Arylex® active is an effective tool for control of broadleaf weeds in small grains, including henbit and early emerging marestail. Quelex combines a Group 2 active, florasulam, with Arylex active, which is a Group 4. He recommends mixing Quelex with MCPA ester for additional broadleaf weed control, including mustards.

“Being prepared and knowing the environment will dictate how early you need to be out in the fields looking for weeds before they become a problem,” Lovelace says. “Being proactive helps limit issues weeds cause.”

Over the years, Lovelace has researched the impact different herbicide chemistries have on emerging weeds. He also has studied how the products perform in certain weather situations. For control in the spring, Lovelace has found Rezuvant® herbicide with Arylex active effective on early season weeds. Rezuvant includes three active ingredients: fluroxypyr, pinoxaden and Arylex active. Rezuvant helps maintain clean fields and, ultimately, protects yield potential.

“In winter wheat, we use Rezuvant mostly for Group 1 susceptible Italian ryegrass and wild oat control,” Lovelace says. In the southwestern part of Oklahoma, he reports, wild oats have been an issue and Rezuvant herbicide provides effective control.

Lovelace recommends applying Pixxaro® EC herbicide with Arylex active in the late spring or early summer for effective control of kochia and marestail along with bindweed suppression — helping to close out the season with a strong finish. It’s important to get that final control before harvest to protect yield, Lovelace reports.

“Taking the time this winter to put a weed control plan in place is important,” Lovelace says. “The weeds will be there, and having a plan helps growers get in the fields quicker and in a more efficient manner, too, for effective control.”

And regardless of the weed species invading your fields, you can be confident we have a solution. Our performance-driven cereal herbicides deliver flexible, convenient and customizable control to help make your life easier. Reference the cereal herbicide application flexibility chart below and visit to discover which herbicides hit the mark for your unique operation.  

Pixxaro® EC, Quelex® and Rezuvant® are not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Arylex® is a registered active ingredient. Always read and follow label directions.