What Should Weed Management Records Consist Of?

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Man with iPad in soybean field

Even if it’s as simple as keeping notes in your pocketbook, field records are key to making strategic management decisions on your farm. And no matter where or how you store field information, these records can help you make critical weed management decisions each year. 

“Weed populations have been adapting to changes — and, in some cases, the lack of changes — in management practices since the beginning of time,” says Scott Pringnitz, market development specialist, Corteva Agriscience. “Using field records to track early trends in weed populations can help you make timely adjustments before it becomes more costly, or less effective, to do so in future years.”

The first step in developing an effective weed management program is knowing the type of weeds competing with your crops. It’s also helpful to keep track of when these weeds are emerging, of the relative abundance and of any problem spots in your fields.

This weed emergence timeline features photos of nine herbicide-resistant species commonly found in Midwest soybean fields, when they’re likely to emerge and how long their emergence period typically lasts. Download the timeline for a handy reminder you can refer to in the field.

An undeniable trend is that more weed populations are becoming resistant to multiple herbicide modes of action, and many of those modes of action are found in herbicides used with multiple crops. So, in addition to keeping track of weed populations, you will want to make note of which herbicides are used and of any weed escapes.

“It’s becoming more critical, and challenging, to use as many unique modes of action on each weed species as possible,” Pringnitz explains. “However, a strong program approach not only improves short-term weed control results but also is necessary to decrease herbicide resistant populations in the long run.”

By keeping accurate records on herbicides used in your fields, you can work with your retailer and/or Corteva Agriscience representative to identify ways to incorporate additional herbicide modes of action and management practices to prevent weed resistance.

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