A New Weapon in the War Against Corn Pests

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Sunset through corn stalks

Managing insects is critical to ensuring high corn yield. Corn pests are varied and often difficult to manage. For years, growers have primarily relied on pyrethroids to control these yield-robbing pests, but the development of resistance to pyrethroids requires a new approach.

Ridgeback® insecticide from Corteva Agriscience gives corn growers a new weapon against difficult-to-control pests, including pyrethroid-resistant insects. Ridgeback insecticide targets pests through both contact and ingestion, stopping feeding within hours of application. Delivering quick knockdown and long-lasting control, it offers a powerful combination of active ingredients to help put an end to corn pests while managing pest resistance.

Growers can target a wide range of corn pests using Ridgeback insecticide, including two-spotted spider mites, adult corn rootworms, Japanese beetles and western bean cutworms.

“The ability to target a multitude of corn pests makes Ridgeback insecticide a valuable long-term resistance management tool, helping corn growers maximize productivity and profitability,” says Kyle Albregts, U.S. product manager, insecticides, Corteva Agriscience. “It combines the proven efficacy of two active ingredients in an easy-to-use formulation. Used successfully on soybeans, corn growers can use this product with the same degree of confidence.”

Ridgeback insecticide combines the novel active ingredient Isoclast® active with trusted bifenthrin for broad-spectrum corn pest control when quick knockdown matters most. Two modes of action allow Ridgeback insecticide to target pests with two modes of entry – contact and ingestion. And with Isoclast active, corn growers can achieve effective control over pests they can’t see.

With the unique mode of action of Isoclast active, insects have no place to hide. Developed by Corteva Agriscience, Isoclast active has translaminar movement. This allows the product that is sprayed on the upper surface of leaves to move through the leaves, outside of the direct line of spray. Using Ridgeback insecticide gives growers the ability to control pests even on the undersides of leaves.

Isoclast active delivers a novel Group 4C mode of action, enabling Ridgeback insecticide to defeat pests that are otherwise resistant to other chemistries, improving plant productivity and yield potential.

Ridgeback insecticide delivers the same novel and trusted control of yield-robbing insects for corn as it has for soybeans. In three years of studies testing the efficacy of Ridgeback insecticide against pyrethroid-susceptible and pyrethroid-resistant soybean aphids, Ridgeback insecticide outperformed competing treatments in high-pest-pressure situations.

Another key advantage of Ridgeback insecticide is that it provides a new way to manage corn pests in one easy-to-use premix. It is tank-mix-compatible with a variety of other crop protection products. This makes it an excellent rotational partner for resistance management.

Providing comprehensive, reliable broad-spectrum protection against a variety of corn pests, Ridgeback insecticide helps growers confidently fight corn pests and manage resistance. It effectively targets corn pests that competing products might miss, such as pyrethroid-resistant insects. Ultimately, it provides best-in-class pest control that can help corn growers improve plant productivity and protect yield.

Contact your local crop protection retailer or visit Corteva.us to learn more about Ridgeback insecticide. 

Ridgeback® is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Isoclast® is a registered active ingredient. Always read and follow label directions.