Go Underground to Maximize Nitrogen Effectiveness

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Ensuring crop health and yield potential starts early in the season, and what goes on beneath the soil’s surface plays a large role.

Nitrogen stabilizers, such as N-Serve®  and Instinct® nitrogen stabilizers, delay nitrification by inhibiting the bacteria, Nitrosomonas, allowing nitrogen to remain available in the root zone longer. N-Serve and Instinct only affect Nitrosomonas, too. The active ingredient in N-Serve and Instinct inhibit the ammonium monooxygenase (AMO) enzyme used by Nitrosomonas to generate energy. Deprived of their energy source, these bacteria enter a type of stasis. AMO is unique to Nitrosomonas, and therefore other bacteria are not affected by N-Serve and Instinct’s active ingredient. As a result, nitrogen fertilizer uptake is maximized and yields are increased, making these products effective. 

Benefits of N-Serve® and Instinct® Nitrogen Stabilizers

  • Improve standability from less cannibalization of the stalk. 
  • Allow the plant to have a more natural drydown, which contributes to increased test weight. 
  • Part of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship program — a framework that helps you use the right fertilizer at the right time, in the right place and at the right rate. 


Instinct® Nitrogen Stabilizer

Healthy crops and healthy profits all depend on healthy soil. Instinct® nitrogen stabilizer is the only product of this kind to be awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 2016 for the proven ability to protect the environment and the soil while increasing nitrogen effectiveness for farmers. 

  • Can be used with water-based fertilizers, such as UAN, urea and manure.
  • Effectively slows nitrification of swine manure resulting in, on average, across the four years of study:[1]
    • Greater relative leaf chlorophyll 
    • Greater grain yields 
    • Greater dry matter yield
    • Reduced N loss 
  • Can be impregnated on urea and dry fertilizers. 
  • Has flexible incorporation timing. Can incorporate with 10 days by half an inch of rain or mechanical incorporations. 
  • Tank-mix compatible with most herbicides and insecticides, minimizing passes across field.
  • Can be added with fertilizers through ground application or properly equipped chemigation systems.
  • Can be used with corn and wheat. 


Instinct® Nitrogen Stabilizer Results

Instinct® nitrogen stabilizer is a micro-encapsulated, water-based product. Farmers continue to see positive outcomes from using it: 

  • Instinct technology, in 2014, added about 50 million bushels of corn equating to $205,000,000 in additional production revenue for U.S. corn growers.[2]
  • 2.7% increase in relative yield, 6.1 Bu/A advantage
  • 9.1% reduction in relative leaching
  • 1.3% increase in total nitrogen retention 
  • 28.6% reduction in GH gas emissions 


N-Serve® Nitrogen Stabilizer

N-Serve® is one of the only nitrogen stabilizers proven to optimize yield potential when used with anhydrous ammonia. Used at the root zone, N-Serve protects nitrogen. And, because both compounds are volatile, they must be injected or immediately incorporated into the soil. 

  • Can be applied in fall or spring preplant or as a sidedress application on corn. Postplant applications, as a sidedress application, must also be incorporated.
  • Can be used for corn, sorghum and wheat.
  • Noncorrosive to anhydrous tanks. 


N-Serve® Nitrogen Stabilizer Results 

N-Serve® was launched in 1976 as the original nitrogen stabilizer. Farmers continue to realize significant results from its use, including: 

  • 5.4% increase in relative yield
  • 11.2% reduction in relative leaching 
  • 18.1% increase in total nitrogen retention 
  • 51.1% reduction in GH gas emissions 


Instinct and N-Serve are simple to use and are proven, with real results. Learn more about how to maximize your bottom line using our profit calculator

[1] Vetsch, J., and J. Lamb. 2011. Applying Instinct as a nitrogen stabilizer for fall applied manure.  

[2] U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Nitrogen Stabilizer Products that Must Be Registered under FIFRA. https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/nitrogen-stabilizer-products-must-be-registered-under-fifra 

Instinct is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Federal law does not require any person who applies or supervises the use of Instinct to be certified in accordance with EPA regulations and state, territorial and tribal laws. Some states may have additional requirements related to liquid manure and nitrogen stabilizers. Be sure to consult your state or local Extension service to understand your requirements. When applying Instinct to deep pits, appropriate manure agitation safety steps should be followed. Instinct should be applied directly to the deep pit prior to pumping the pit; a thorough agitation system must be operating in order to evenly distribute Instinct within the deep pit; applicators and handlers of Instinct and manure treated with Instinct are required to use proper protective equipment as stated on the product label; air ventilation systems must be operational inside barns. Do not fall-apply anhydrous ammonia south of Highway 16 in the state of Illinois. Always read and follow label directions.