Program Approach Provides Season-long Weed Control in Rice

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In an ideal year, Elmer Smith with Nutrien Ag Solutions in Heth, Arkansas, recommends a program approach that includes RebelEX® herbicide for season-long weed control. Even in a season that’s particularly wet and challenging, he contends a program approach is still rice producers’ best bet.

Smith’s plan for season-long weed control begins with a tank mix of Command 3ME herbicide, Sharpen herbicide and glyphosate at planting. He then endorses pulling levees early in case there is a need to flush for herbicide activation.

As an early postemergence treatment before permanent flood is established, Smith recommends a treatment of 20 ounces per acre of RebelEX herbicide tank-mixed with 1 quart per acre of FACET herbicide plus 1 quart per acre of MSO adjuvant.

“I don’t like backing off those labeled rates,” he says.

Because water management is critical to achieving adequate weed control, Smith reminds growers to get water on fields as quickly as possible after herbicide applications.

Ideally, three days after the postemergence tank-mix application, rice producers are getting water on the field with the permanent flood.

“I prefer producers turn on irrigation wells the day after that postemergence application,” he says. “That gives 24 hours for the herbicides to penetrate the plants before you put the water to it.”

Included in Smith’s program approach is a ground-applied levee treatment of Loyant® herbicide at 1 pint per acre plus MSO adjuvant at ½ pint per acre. His recommended timing is before internode elongation and prior to midseason.

“It’s amazing what Loyant will do to a pigweed,” he says.

For producers trying to clean up weeds previous applications may have missed, Smith adds a post-flood application of Grasp® SC or Clincher® SF herbicide before any barnyardgrass begins heading.

Smith contends that red rice surpasses barnyardgrass as the primary weed problem for continuous rice production systems.

While he recommends rotating to soybeans and rotating chemistries to control red rice, Smith says, “The very best rotation for pigweed control is rice. That water is doing the lion’s share of the job for you.”

Whether battling broadleaf weeds, grasses, sedge or aquatics, a program approach provides season long control of your toughest weed challenges. Corteva Agriscience rice herbicides fit the way farmers grow rice, offering the application flexibility to deal with weed pressure — and ultimately increase quality yield.

Clincher® SF, Grasp® SC, Loyant® and RebelEX® are not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.







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