Agronomists Share Their Early Soybean Weed Control Tips

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We asked two agronomists for Brevant® seeds about improving early soybean weed control. Here are their top three tips for growers in 2023. 

  1. Plant early.
    “It’s hard to find a management practice that mimics the yield benefits of early planting,” says Beau Morris, retail product agronomist in southern Illinois. “Early planting allows for the soybean’s internal factory to be up and running at its fullest potential before the plant moves into its reproductive stages.” 
  2. Spray early.
    A weed that never emerges — or is controlled early in its life cycle — is the easiest weed to control.

    “Controlling pigweeds in-crop will be the biggest challenge for growers this year,” says Justin Jamison, retail product agronomist in western Kansas. “Pigweed species can grow up to 1 inch per day and can germinate from April to August. No matter which chemistries you’re using, it will be nearly impossible to time a postemergence application that can effectively control a 2- to 4-inch pigweed.”

    The most cost-effective way to ensure clean fields is to control weeds prior to germination.
  3. Use a program approach with overlapping residual herbicides. 
    Field scouting and herbicide application timing are keys to success, especially when it comes to early planted soybeans.

    “Just because you can’t see weeds in your fields from the truck cab doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there,” Morris warns.

    Jamison says “spray bare ground” should be every soybean grower’s mantra. A weed control program approach that includes multiple modes of action and extended residual activity can help ensure maximum soybean yield potential while preventing herbicide resistance.

    “Overlapping residual herbicides is critical to success in soybean weed control,” Jamison says.

Work with your local retailer to create a strong program approach, and learn more about the solutions available to help you combat weeds in soybean fields here


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