Herbicide Resistance

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Prevent and Mitigate Herbicide Resistance

Herbicide-resistant weeds pose one of the greatest challenges farmers face each growing season. Understanding resistance is one of the most important steps in meeting this challenge. Browse this page to find informational resources, including articles, fact sheets, videos and podcasts to help control resistant weeds — and prevent new resistance from developing.

Articles About Herbicide Resistance

Get in-depth information on resistant weeds from agronomic and crop protection experts. 

Soybean weeds

Are Weeds in Your Fields Herbicide-resistant?

Learn about the ways herbicide resistance develops and the signs that could be pointing to resistance in your fields.

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Weed seed testing in the greenhouse

Weed Resistance Testing Questions, Answered

What happens when you send a weed to the lab for testing herbicide resistance? Find out in this Q&A. 

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Herbicide Resistance Problems Persist

A University of Illinois scientist explains how weed genetics play a role in the continuation and spread of herbicide resistance.

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Waterhemp in soybeans

Understanding Metabolic Weed Resistance

Historically, scientists focused on target-site herbicide resistance, but now they say more weeds are showing metabolic resistance. Learn the difference and why it matters.

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Tall Waterhemp

The Facts Behind the ‘Fitness Cost’

Learn what a “fitness cost” really means for resistant weeds — and why this university weed scientist says it’s imperative to use multiple modes of action with each herbicide application.

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Early soybean field, clean rows

Understand the ‘Why’ Behind Weed Escapes

Is that weed escape a sign of resistance or something else? Find out.

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Weed in spring field

Scout, ID and Plan to Control Resistant Weeds

Marestail, waterhemp, Palmer amaranth, kochia — the list goes on and on. No matter which resistant weeds you deal with, set your game plan for keeping them under control.  

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Why Rotate Modes of Action in Weed Control

An agronomist explains a mix of different modes of action is necessary for controlling herbicide-resistant weeds — and why not just any modes of action will do. 

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A Diversified Program to Mitigate Resistance

Dig in to data showing how a full weed control program today can save money in the long run by mitigating herbicide resistance and preserving the tools and technologies we currently rely on.

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5 Reasons to Be Excited About This Herbicide

Looking for a new solution to help manage resistant weeds in cereal crops? Then that’s just one reason to be excited about this herbicide. Read on for more.

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Waterhemp infestation in soybean field

Weed Control Beyond the Jug

Effective herbicides are essential for controlling herbicide-resistant weeds, but they can’t be the only tool in the toolbox. See what other practices might work on your acres.

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Leaf blowing

Combine Cleanout Reduces Weed Problems

What extra work would you do to keep your future weed control costs from going up $20 to $40 an acre? Research from the University of Wisconsin shows it might take less effort than you think.

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Weed Emergence Fact Sheets

Knowing when common, resistant weeds typically emerge in corn and soybean fields can help you plan an effect program to control them. These timelines offer an overview.

Emerging weed in corn field

Corn Weed Emergence Timeline

Here’s a look at when weeds typically emerge in Midwestern cornfields.

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Pulled weed soybean field

Soybean Weed Emergence Timeline

Here’s a look at when weeds typically emerge in Midwestern soybean fields.

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Build Your Weed Control Program

Find the right herbicides and technologies to build a weed control program that fits your acres.

Managing for Profit

Stay current with up-to-date farming trends. These short segments feature experts from Corteva Agriscience talking about a variety of corn and soybean topics with Brownfield Ag Radio’s Mark Dorenkamp.

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TruChoice Savings

Corteva Agriscience is pleased to deliver upfront savings through the TruChoice® offer. See how you can save up to 10% on your crop protection purchases by funding a prepay account.

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