Top Soybean Herbicide Solutions for 2023

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Green sprayer in early soybeans

Consider the following products and solutions from Corteva Agriscience to help maximize customers’ soybean yields in 2023.

The Enlist® Weed Control System: The New Standard for Weed Control and Soybean Yield Performance

Planting crops with the Enlist E3® trait allows customers to unleash superior weed control on their soybean acres. In fact, Enlist E3 soybeans are tolerant to 2,4-D choline, glyphosate and glufosinate. This tolerance makes Enlist herbicides the perfect pairing for Enlist E3 soybeans from burndown through the R1 stage of development.

  • Enlist One® herbicide — As a straight-goods 2,4-D choline, Enlist One features Colex-D® technology, resulting in near-zero volatility and minimized potential for physical drift. Enlist One forms the basis for an exceptional weed control program, as it can be easily tank-mixed with glufosinate and other qualified products to eliminate key yield-robbing weeds from the field.
  • Enlist Duo® herbicide – In addition to featuring the same Colex-D technology as Enlist One herbicide, Enlist Duo conveniently blends 2,4-D choline and glyphosate to provide two modes of action that land and stay on target for superior weed control.

While you can apply Enlist One and Enlist Duo herbicides through the R1 growth stage for postemergence control of problematic broadleaf weeds, the combination of Enlist One and Liberty® herbicides from BASF gives farmers the best postemergence control available for tough and resistant weeds on Enlist E3 soybean acres.

In addition to complementing the Enlist weed control system, the following solutions can provide powerful residual weed control on all soybean varieties.

Kyber® Herbicide: The Premium Preemergence Solution for Soybeans

Kyber is a preemergence herbicide that delivers long-lasting residual activity on the most resilient threats to yield potential.

“Starting clean and staying clean is our No. 1 rule,” says Kala Pierucki, account relations manager with Ceres Solutions, LLC. “We like to use Kyber upfront because it gives us four to six weeks of residual control to hold weeds back and prevent them from grabbing water and nutrients from soybean plants.”

As a premix that combines three modes of action, Kyber herbicide is the perfect addition to a weed control program approach that includes burndown and postemergence herbicides. That’s because Kyber delivers results that provide unrivaled support for PPO- and ALS-resistant weed control.

“Finding a product that works for resistant weeds and issues that you have on your farm and in your fields can be difficult,” says Pierucki. “In the past, we used three different products to get what we’re getting out of Kyber.”

Other Soybean Herbicides for Residual Control in 2023

Mitigating yield loss due to weed competition can buy invaluable time for soybean crops to develop. Applying the following herbicide products to soybean acres can prevent weed resistance and maintain residual control of targeted plants as crops develop:

  • Elevore® herbicide — Powered by Arylex® active, Elevore is tank-mix-compatible with commonly used burndown and residual partners, providing thorough control of broadleaf weeds, including ALS- or glyphosate-resistant species.
  • Trivence® herbicide — Strengthened by three modes of action, Trivence delivers excellent residual performance to preserve the efficacy of existing herbicide options. This preemergence herbicide keeps fields clean well after planting and supports uniform crop emergence.
  • Sonic® herbicide — Proven to perform effectively in various soil types, Sonic is a convenient tank-mix partner that delivers long-lasting residual control when applied in fall, spring or up to three days post-plant. 
  • Surveil® herbicide — Surveil offers easy mixing and handling characteristics that enhance the battle against resistant and hard-to-control broadleaf weeds. Applicable for use in preplant applications, Surveil also can be applied before emergence up to three days after planting.
  • EverpreX® herbicide – While EverpreX can be used for preplant or preemergence treatments, it is most used for postemergence applications. Thanks to an easy-to-use formulation compatible with many other soybean herbicides, EverpreX enhances control of ALS-, PPO- and/or glyphosate-resistant weeds.
  • Download your copy of the program approach here and visit Corteva.us to learn more about each of the featured herbicides. 

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