Resistant Kochia is on the Move

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Herbicide-resistant kochia may be making its way to fields near yours soon. We have what you need to know.

Herbicide resistance is one of the most serious issues you and your customers combat each year. One good way to fight resistant weeds is to stay ahead of the ones that are showing up in nearby states. Knowing what’s on the horizon can help you prepare solutions that work.

In this video, Jason Gibson, Corteva Agriscience market development specialist for Nebraska, says one resistant weed to watch in Midwest soybean fields is kochia.

“We have some traditional areas in the west where it’s been a prominent fixture for many years,” he explains. “We’re starting to pick up, on some of those sandier soils and more eastern areas, a little bit more kochia.”

According to WeedScience.org, glyphosate-resistant kochia has been found in soybeans in states like North and South Dakota and Nebraska since at least 2012. Now Gibson says it’s starting to spread farther east to other Midwest states.

Knowing what to watch for is a big part of the battle. Gibson also advises tailoring your customers’ program approach to best control the weed. For example, apply a preemergence residual such as Sonic® herbicide earlier in spring to get ahead of kochia germination. That can happen as early as March in much of the Midwest, depending on the weather.

“So, as soon as that seedling tries to germinate below the soil, we’re controlling it before it ever comes up,” he explains.

Then you’ll want to follow up with a timely postemergence product such as DuPont EverpreX® herbicide or, for your customers of Enlist E3® soybeans, Enlist One® or Enlist Duo® herbicide, to ensure control of any leftover plants.

Gibson says a postemergence herbicide is always an important step, but that it’s easier to control kochia when it’s young. The weed can cause as much as 70% soybean yield loss if left to flourish. Stopping it sooner rather than later will be the best move for your customers and their bottom lines.

Be on the lookout for resistant kochia in fields next year and create the right program approach for your growers at Corteva.us.

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