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A Clean Start Leads to a Strong Harvest

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When summer winds down and harvest approaches, there’s almost no better sight than a clean field. Smithboro, Illinois, farmer Allen Tompkins enjoyed that sight all season, thanks to his weed control program for corn.

Tompkins uses 1 pint of SureStart® II herbicide and 1½ quarts of Resicore® herbicide as the main ingredients to keep his corn fields weed-free. It’s a tailored program Tompkins has used for the last five years on the advice of his retailer Jeremy Leininger of Woolsey Brothers Farm Supply in Vandalia, Illinois.

“We did the Resicore and SureStart program about five or six days after planting, and I can’t tell you if I’ve seen a weed out there,” Tompkins explains.

He says the strength and flexibility of this herbicide program kept weeds under control, even as the weather was out of control.

Tompkins says there was enough constant rain to keep him out of fields from the end of October 2018 until May 2019. Excessive moisture early in the season can make weed control more difficult. Despite planting late, Tompkins noticed clean fields throughout the season because of his powerful weed control program. From his experience, the cleaner the field, the easier the harvest.

“If you get a super weedy field, there are always weeds that are getting wrapped up in your machinery,” he says. “You have to get out, dig everything out, and it’s just a really big pain to harvest. Clean fields just make everything go smoother. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they’re a lot more pleasing when you’re in the seat of the combine.”

Learn how SureStart II can help keep your customers’ fields clean for an easier harvest.

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