Kochia is a summer annual weed that is showing resistance to different herbicides in several states. The plant thrives in hot weather. So, a program approach featuring residual herbicides and several modes of action is key to controlling the weed throughout the growing season.

  • Common names: Kochia, Mexican fireweed, mirabel, mock cypress 
  • Scientific name: Bassia scoparia
  • Cotyledons: Linear to narrowly lance-shaped 
  • Leaf shape: Flat, linear to lance-shaped 
  • Reproduction: Seed 
  • Flowers: Clusters of green flowers with spiked heads 


Fast facts

  • Kochia plants can resemble the shape of a Christmas tree. 
  • The somewhat bushy weed can grow upward of 7 feet tall, with an extensive root system. 
  • Young kochia plants may be confused with lambsquarters seedlings. Kochia has highly branched growth patterns with hairs occurring along leaf margins. 
  • The weed germinates in the summer months, annually. 
  • Kochia seed production is moderate to high. Seeds disperse via a “tumbleweed” mechanism, meaning a mature stem will detach from its base and then be blown about by wind. 
  • Seeds are short-lived in the soil, but they possess a high initial germination rate. 


Control tips

  • Corn and soybean growers should start spring with tillage or a burndown herbicide application. Experts advise applying the burndown shortly after the first flush of kochia has emerged. 
    • Do not apply the burndown and preemergence herbicide in the same application. Kochia can grow larger and farmers may not achieve effective control. 
  • With kochia showing resistance to ALS, glyphosate and triazine herbicides, it’s imperative to use a program approach to control the weed. Layer residual herbicides with multiple modes of action. 
    • For example, to control kochia in a soybean field, you could apply Elevore® herbicide as a burndown, then Sonic® herbicide as a preemergent and DuPont™ EverpreX® herbicide as a postemergent. 
  • Kochia thrives in hot weather, so it’s imperative to have residual control throughout the growing season. 


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