Help Customers Navigate Prepay Programs

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Farmers in harvested field, nitrogen stabilizer applications

Prepay programs are open for the 2024 growing season and providing growers with the opportunity to earn upfront savings or finance their crop protection needs to help improve cash flow on their operations.

We know navigating prepay programs can be tricky. That’s why we’ve laid out four steps to help explain how the TruChoice® offer works to benefit your customers’ operations:

  1. Calculate savings. Start by showing your customers how much they could save with the savings calculator for the TruChoice offer. Simply enter location, acre amount and crop type to get an estimated savings total to share with your customers. If that entices them to learn more about the TruChoice offer, explaining how to set up a prepay account is the next step to start reaping the benefits of the program.
  2. Fund a prepay account with the TruChoice offer. Saving is easy with the TruChoice offer, and it starts by funding a prepay account with a minimum of $5,000 by March 1, 2024, with a participating retailer of Corteva Agriscience crop protection products. Farmers also can set up an account by themselves directly online.
  3. Earn savings. Regardless of which seed brand your customers purchase, they can save 10% when funding a prepay account in cash or 5% when financed through the TruChoice offer with a loan advance.
  4. Spend on more than 100 proven Corteva Agriscience crop protection products. By funding a prepay account, your customers can save on herbicides, fungicides, nitrogen stabilizers, biologicals — you name it. Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about top crop protection products that can be purchased with the TruChoice offer.

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