Powerful Combo: Enlist One® Herbicide Tank-Mixed With Liberty® Herbicide

By: Steve Snyder, Enlist™ field specialist
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More herbicide sites of action mean better weed control. Better now and better in future years. Enlist E3® soybeans provide tolerance to three valuable herbicides, making this technology ideal for delivering more sites of action in a program approach.

You can help growers design a weed control program that uses multiple sites of action:

  • Remind them to start with a burndown and/or tillage. “Start clean, stay clean” remains the best tactic for season-long weed control.
  • Encourage them to adopt preemergence residuals that offer multiple sites of action. This not only helps keep fields cleaner during the growing season, it also helps limit the development of resistant weeds.
  • Finally, come back with effective postemergence applications to take care of resistant and tough-to-control weeds.

A postemergence treatment that offers a strong one-two punch to knock out weeds is Enlist One® herbicide tank-mixed with Liberty® herbicide. This combination is effective on marestail, waterhemp, kochia and Palmer amaranth, to name a few species.

Enlist E3 soybeans offer more flexibility than other technologies. For instance, applicators can mix Enlist One with Liberty herbicide (glufosinate) and glyphosate. Unlike dicamba herbicides, Enlist One herbicide does not have acidification issues when tank-mixing with Liberty herbicide. Tank-mixing Enlist One and Liberty herbicides does not impact the inherent low volatility of the 2,4-D choline. This means the product is not prone to volatilization after application.

When tank-mixing Enlist One and Liberty herbicides, follow label directions. We recommend a quart of each product with plenty of water, 20 gallons per acre but not less than 15 per acre. You also can add an AMS product: See EnlistTankMix.com for a list of qualified products. In addition, you can mix Enlist One herbicide with K-salt glyphosate products. Follow thorough mixing procedures to prevent salting out.

Growers who use the combination of Enlist One and Liberty herbicides are reporting excellent weed control – it takes down even their toughest weeds. For your customers who are growing Enlist E3 soybeans, this is the most effective weed control option they’ve ever seen. You can learn more by visiting Enlist.com, following @EnlistOnline on Twitter or going to the Enlist YouTube channel.

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The transgenic soybean event in Enlist E3® soybeans is jointly developed and owned by Corteva Agriscience and M.S. Technologies L.L.C.