A Superior Tool for Soybean Growers

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3 Key Takeaways From This Article:

- The unique active ingredient in Transform® WG insecticide, Isoclast® active, provides a much-needed rotational partner to fight resistance. 
- Transform provides quick, lasting control of soybean aphids. 
- Controlling soybean aphids with the supplementary assistance of beneficial insects is possible.

Your soybean growers have a new soybean aphid control option.

And, unlike many other products on the market, Transform® helps maintain beneficial insect populations as part of a season-long IPM program. With a distinct chemistry and mode of action, Transform controls soybean aphids with minimal disruption to the beneficial insects that help further limit yield-robbing pests.

Research by North Dakota State University demonstrates this selective control. In a 2015 trial conducted near Moorhead, Minnesota, an average of 125.2 lady beetles per plot were counted in soybeans three days after a treatment of 1 ounce per acre of Transform® WG insecticide. In comparison, soybeans treated with Warrior II insecticide (1.6 ounces per acre) had an average of only 24.7 lady beetles present per plot.1

Transform works quickly and offers both systemic and translaminar activity, providing excellent residual control of soybean aphids through both contact and ingestion.

With the novel active ingredient, Isoclast™ active, Transform provides fast knockdown and powerful, lasting control of soybean aphids while offering growers a much-needed rotational partner to fight resistance.

To learn more about how Transform® WG insecticide can help your customers’ operations, visit https://www.corteva.us/products-and-solutions/crop-protection/transform-wg.html


1 Knodel, Janet, Patrick Beauzay, and Patti Prasifka. Efficacy of Foliar-Applied Sulfoxaflor for Control of Soybean Aphid and Impact on Lady Beetles, 2015. Arthropod Management Tests. 2016. Vol. 0 No. 0.

™ ® Warrior II is a Restricted Use Pesticide. Warrior II is a registered trademark of Syngenta. Isoclast is a registered active ingredient. Transform WG is not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.