Giving Back

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A core value for Corteva Agriscience™, is our commitment to enriching the lives of those in our agricultural communities. One team member making a difference in her community is Brooklynne Dalton, product manager for rice herbicides.

“Working for an agriculture company, we understand how important the food chain is and we know that not everyone has access to nutritious food,” she says. “It’s great to be able to help out locally and see the positive impact that nutritious food has on people.”

Dalton is an active member of Corteva Grows Food Security, an internal initiative that works to increase food security and decrease food vulnerability. Through the Corteva Agriscience program, she volunteers at Gleaners Community Food Bank of Indiana and with the Million Meal Movement.

Gleaners, founded in 1980, distributes over 360 million pounds of food to Indiana’s hungry. Similarly, the Million Meal Movement feeds the state’s hungry and teaches the importance of volunteerism. 

“I’m passionate about helping hungry people get nutritious food,” Dalton says. “The food security team at Corteva Agriscience plants and harvests produce for donation to local food banks. We also package and distribute food for hungry families and deliver food to the elderly.”