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China Safety Certificate

Corteva Agriscience helps growers understand and meet their grain marketing responsibilities. The Chinese government requires a comprehensive safety assessment for all imported biotech events. Additionally, in order to obtain import approval for grain or byproducts from biotech crops, grain handlers must submit a Safety Certificate obtained from the biotech trait developer to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). Grain handlers will be able to apply for Safety Certificates for Dow AgroSciences developed biotech events through this website as the safety assessments for those events are completed.

Dow AgroSciences has received a safety certificate for:

                Enlist™ corn (Event DAS-40278-9)

To request a copy of a China Safety Certificate:

1.       Complete the required contact information  and consent to provide information

2.       Indicate requested China Safety Certificate

3.       Read and accept the Agreement.

Your e-mail request for a numbered China Safety Certificate will be processed promptly. You will receive a return e-mail with your Safety Certificate within 3-5 business days.





















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