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Steward Seed Innovations

Planting professionally produced seed is the best way to ensure the highest-quality crops, improved yields, and continued seed development to drive farm productivity — today and tomorrow.

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"Improved genetic potential now contributes 70% to realized yield — up from 50%."

— Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance

Get Better Yields and Help Advance Seed Technology

Professionally produced seed meets the highest standards for purity, viability, and resistance to threats, helping ensure better yields for growers.

Explore the Advantages of Professionally Produced Seed

These articles reveal why bin-run seed yields can fall behind professionally produced seed yields — and they explain how your purchase of professionally produced seed has a direct, positive impact on seed technology and the future of farming.

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Don't Risk Bin-Run Seed

In "Bin-Run Seed Isn't Worth the Risk," you'll see why planting seed from last year's harvest has many drawbacks.

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Help Grow the Future of Farming

Read “Growing the Future: Investing in Professionally Produced Seed” to see how you can help drive tomorrow's seed innovations.

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Seed Innovation Resources

Keep Farming Fair

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To report seed piracy anonymously and confidentially, call 1-844-SEED-TIP or click the link below.

Technology Use Agreements

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