Corteva Agriscience Launches New Seed Brand in the U.S. – Brevant™ Seeds

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Drawing on the Strengths of Corteva Agriscience, Brevant Offers High-performance Corn and Soybean Genetics, Technology and Traits Exclusively Through Retailers for 2021 Planting

INDIANAPOLIS – Corteva Agriscience announces the launch of Brevant seeds, a bold, high-performance corn and soybean brand available exclusively at retail locations in the Midwest and Eastern Corn Belt.

Brevant (pronounced brah-VAHNT′) is built on a century of agricultural experience, science and support from Corteva. The new brand will expand retail’s access to Corteva Agriscience genetics, traits and technology. Brevant brand seed will be available to order this summer for 2021 planting. Brevant seeds will offer more than 200 corn hybrids and soybean varieties.

“Brevant brings a completely new and unique opportunity to retailers and their customers,” said Jason Dodd, General Manager for Brevant. “It’s the right combination of people and products from an organization that truly cares about your individual success. Access to Corteva Agriscience’s genetics and deep germplasm pool through Brevant will be a great new advantage to retail customers.”

Committed to Retailers and Their Customers
The launch of Brevant and the exclusive retail route-to-market in the Midwest and Eastern Corn Belt brings a new, agile way of doing business with Corteva. This includes a new field structure with sales and agronomy roles, and a sales process driven by Retail Development Teams.

“We are introducing the Brevant brand for farmers who prefer the service and local expertise that retail brings to their farm,” said Mike Lozier, Marketing Leader for Brevant. “With Brevant, both retailers and farmers have the freedom to choose a new brand without compromising what's most important to them. We’re committed to collaborating with farmers’ local retail teams to ensure their farm is always ready for what’s next.”

New Brand, Proven Genetics
Brevant seeds may be new in the U.S. market but its performance is well documented in nearly 3 million head-to-head comparisons.1 Corn hybrids offered for 2021 planting in the Brevant brand average 7 bu/A more2 than the competition and Enlist E3® soybean varieties offered for 2021 planting in the Brevant brand average 1 bu/A more3 than the competition.

Brevant brand corn and soybean portfolios will feature the latest trait technology solutions and a complete line of BMR silage corn, including its proprietary line of Unified® corn silage and TMF hybrids backed by Brevant’s highly trained Silage Technology Managers.

Focused Agronomy Service
Brevant is dedicated to helping retail reach their seed growth potential and customers can expect a higher level of focus and support.

To learn more about the U.S. corn, soybean, silage corn, canola and sunflower seed offerings from Brevant, please contact your local ag retailer or visit Brevant.com.  

1Multi-year, on-farm pre-commercial head-to-head comparisons and 3rd party and on-farm trials. Based on more than 2,800,000 comparisons between 2017-2019.
2Multi-year, on-farm pre-commercial head-to-head comparisons and 3rd party trials. Based on more than 379,000 comparisons within 2 days of relative maturity.
32019 on-farm trials; 695 comparisons within 3 days of relative maturity.

About Brevant seeds in the U.S.
Brevant seeds is a high-performance corn and soybean brand from Corteva Agriscience that is new to the U.S. market and provides industry-leading seed and service exclusively to retail focused in the Midwest and Eastern Corn Belt. Brevant also offers silage corn, sunflowers and canola. Brevant sets itself apart by providing a unique way of doing business driven by its field experts teamed with local retailers. For more information about Brevant in the U.S., visit Brevant.com or follow Brevant on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

About Corteva Agriscience
Corteva Agriscience is a publicly traded, global pure-play agriculture company that provides farmers around the world with the most complete portfolio in the industry - including a balanced and diverse mix of seed, crop protection and digital solutions focused on maximizing productivity to enhance yield and profitability. With some of the most recognized brands in agriculture and an industry-leading product and technology pipeline well positioned to drive growth, the company is committed to working with stakeholders throughout the food system as it fulfills its promise to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come. Corteva Agriscience became an independent public company on June 1, 2019, and was previously the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont. More information can be found at www.corteva.com.

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™ ® Trademarks of Dow AgroSciences, DuPont or Pioneer, and their affiliated companies or their respective owners. The transgenic soybean event in Enlist E3® soybeans is jointly developed and owned by Dow AgroSciences LLC and M.S. Technologies, L.L.C.


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