Corteva Agriscience Introduces Inzen™ Trait in Pioneer® Brand Grain Sorghum

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Herbicide-tolerant Trait in Elite Germplasm, When Partnered With Zest WDG Herbicide, Delivers a Systems Approach for Postemergence Grass Control

JOHNSTON, Iowa, — Sorghum growers have a new tool for better maximizing their production with the ground-breaking Inzen herbicide-tolerant trait, Corteva Agriscience announced today.

The new Inzen trait, which will be exclusive to industry-leading Pioneer® brand sorghum, allows for a postemergence application of Zest WDG herbicide to provide excellent control of yield-depleting annual grasses such as foxtail, barnyardgrass and panicum. An introductory supply of sorghum seed with Inzen technology will be available to select growers this year as a first step toward a full commercial launch for the 2022 growing season.

“Sorghum growers will soon experience the long-awaited and game-changing annual grass control that the Inzen trait can provide their operations,” said LeAnn Larson, Pioneer Sorghum Marketing Manager. “It will help open acres that previously were challenged with low yields or even were deemed unusable because of unchecked grass pressure to planting Pioneer brand sorghum, with all the yield and performance potential that growers expect from Pioneer.”

Inzen technology is a non-transgenic, ALS-tolerant trait that is built on elite Pioneer genetics and leading agronomics. It adds another management option to the industry’s broadest lineup of sorghum hybrids — proven to deliver top-end yield performance across diverse geographies and various field management practices. When the Inzen trait is used with Zest WDG herbicide, the system leverages new trait technology and the crop protection expertise of Corteva Agriscience and has been extensively tested by local field teams to help protect profitability on every sorghum acre.

"The development of over-the-top grass control has long been recognized as one of the highest priorities of sorghum growers,” said Brent Bean, Director of Agronomy, United Sorghum Checkoff Program. “The Inzen trait, along with Zest WDG herbicide, will provide a great resource for postemergence grass control."

Zest WDG, an ALS-class herbicide, was designed by Corteva specifically for the grain sorghum market. It has a low use rate, wide application window (between 4” and 20” on sorghum with the Inzen trait) and includes a proprietary formulation of nicosulfuron, with EPA-approved tolerances on Inzen sorghum hybrids.

“This powerful new system brings together the diverse crop protection portfolio and expertise of Corteva Agriscience with world-class sorghum genetics from Pioneer,” said Brandon Walter, U.S. Product Manager, Corteva Agriscience. “Growers now have available a complete program approach to weed and grass control in grain sorghum, starting with a preemergence application of FulTime® NXT or Cinch® ATZ herbicides, followed by a postemergence application of Zest WDG herbicide. We couldn’t be more excited to deliver growers new weed control solutions for postemergence application in Pioneer brand sorghum with the Inzen trait.”

More information about a systems approach with Pioneer brand sorghum with the Inzen trait system plus Zest WDG herbicide, including stewardship best practices, can be found in the Corteva Agriscience 2021 Sorghum United States Product Use Guide, or by contacting your local Pioneer sales representative.

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Always follow grain marketing, stewardship practices and pesticide label directions. Hybrids with Inzen™ technology provide tolerance to Zest™ WDG herbicide, which must be used in accordance with label directions.

Cinch® ATZ and FulTime® NXT are Restricted Use Pesticides. Cinch ATZ, FulTime NXT and Zest WDG are not registered for sale or use in all states. FulTime NXT is not available for sale, distribution or use in Nassau and Suffolk counties in the state of New York. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state. Always read and follow label directions.

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