Corteva Agriscience Crop Protection Experts at Farm Progress Show, Aug. 27–29, 2019

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Join Our Experts in Decatur to Discuss Lessons Learned in 2019

Crop protection experts from Corteva Agriscience will be at Farm Progress Show, Aug. 27 to 29, in Decatur, Illinois. Visit us any time at Tent 1133 to talk about lessons learned in 2019 and agronomic best practices for the upcoming harvest and next season.

Watch for our official stage presentation schedule in the coming days.

Spokespeople and topics in the Corteva Agriscience booth include:

Key learnings from 2019: A look back at the 2019 season
A difficult fall led to aggressive winter annual weeds in fields across the Midwest. On top of that, a wet spring allowed those weeds to thrive. Corn and soybean farmers learned just how important strong, flexible herbicide programs are when the weather doesn’t behave. Jeremy Leininger, a retailer from Illinois, will be on-site to describe his success with a corn herbicide this season on Tuesday, Aug. 27, from 10 a.m. to noon CT. Additional experts, including Aaron Smith, Product Manager, will be available throughout the show to discuss the importance of planning ahead for herbicide programs and why burndown is crucial for soybeans this fall.

Disaster preparedness: How to combat an unpredictable season
Unpredictable weather led to challenging planting and growing seasons. Now, fall purchasing decisions are right around the corner and it’s time to plan for a nitrogen application. Tyler Patton, Product Manager; Nate Wyss, Market Development Specialist; and Mike Koenigs, Market Development Specialist, will provide valuable advice for nutrient management when the weather is a wild card.

The most challenging foliar diseases that have impacted the 2019 growing season
Challenging spring conditions allowed pathogens to flourish this season. Nick Dame, Product Manager, and Mike Koenigs, Market Development Specialist, will highlight the diseases to watch for in 2019. The experts will also discuss best practices to scout fields for crop disease and explain how to evaluate infection risk based on field history.

Learn more about Enlist E3 soybeans: The emerging leader for weed control in soybeans
This is the time of year for farmers to begin thinking about seed selection for next year. They continue to battle tough weed issues and want more flexibility and modes of action in their herbicide options. Enlist Field Specialist Dan Puck will be available to explain why soybean varieties and corn hybrids with the Enlist trait are good choices for farmers who want more options for weed control. If 2019 has taught us anything, it’s that planning ahead for flexible herbicide programs is always a good idea.

Hear how farmers can improve cash flow during the growing season with the TruChoice® Offer
The TruChoice® offer delivers direct savings on Corteva crop protection products and qualified seed purchases. Illinois retailer Jeremy Leininger will be available on Tuesday, Aug. 27, from 10 a.m. to noon CT, to talk about how TruChoice has enabled his customers to select better offerings on their farms. Brittany Loewen, TruChoice Experience Manager, and Nate Wyss, Market Development Specialist, will answer questions about how farmers can get the most out of the program. This includes how farmers can be proactive in their planning to set themselves up in the best possible position for next year.

We hope to see you there! Watch your inbox for more information regarding our activities during Farm Progress Show. For more information or to arrange interviews during your time at Farm Progress Show, contact Kacey Birchmier at 515-305-0085 or kacey.birchmier@corteva.com.

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