Press Release •  2/24/2020

Granular Launches Free Tool to Help Farmers Easily Measure Field-Level Profitability

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Farmers can now sign up for Granular® Insights™, the only free tool connected to the leading Farm Management suite of robust financial, operational, and agronomic solutions

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SAN FRANCISCO - Granular, the world’s leading farm management software platform, announces Granular Insights™, an easy to use, free digital tool that delivers a clearer view of field-level profitability with close to zero effort. Insights replaces manual spreadsheets by combining in near real-time, a farm’s multiple sources of operational data with estimated revenue and cost data, helping farmers reach decisions easier and faster.

Up until now, farmers have had to stitch together disparate data sources by laboriously creating - then updating - spreadsheets to figure out field-by-field profitability. With Granular Insights, farmers have a new tool in their toolbox that delivers a more accurate look at their bottom line with the press of a few buttons. For example, farmers now can analyze the ROI of seed decisions, better visualize field performance and harvest moisture levels through map layers, as well as see side-by-side comparisons of field financials. Plus, farmers can easily invite team members and trusted advisors to view and collaborate on their operational decisions.

“We couldn’t have asked for a simpler process,” said Adam Edwards of Edwards Farms in Virden, Illinois. “We link John Deere Operations Center and Granular Insights, and can easily see our real-time profit estimates by acre, seed, hybrid, or percent harvested. This tool has really helped us make decisions on hybrids for 2020 planting. And the detailed reports make our annual crop insurance reporting much easier. Granular Insights helps us manage our data more efficiently.”

The average corn and soybean farm in the United States generates more than 2,500 data records during a typical 10-month growing season. Most farmers don’t track actual field-level productivity in season, finding it too time-consuming to stitch together invoices, scale data, contracts, land boundaries, tasks and field operations, costing them profits.

By seamlessly combining in near real-time, data from John Deere Operations Center and uploads from more than 10 other manufacturers in a few clicks, Granular Insights digital tool puts siloed machine data to work, saving farmers up to three weeks worth of man hours of data entry per year.

After a successful beta test, more than 1,500 farmers from across the United States signed up for Granular Insights and this announcement marks its commercial availability.

“Especially in today’s environment, farmers need to have better visibility into their bottom line,” said Sid Gorham, CEO of Granular and President of Corteva Agriscience Digital Business Platform. “We realized one of the greatest pain points on the farm is that a farmer’s data is sitting all over the place, and it takes a lot of time and effort to pull it all together. With Granular Insights, farmers now have access to easy-to-interpret and actionable insights, and tangible proof of the power of data to help contribute to their overall profitability.”

Granular Insights is the easiest way to start using the full suite of advanced digital tools in the world's leading FMS, such as Granular® Business and Granular® Agronomy.

To get started for free with Granular Insights, farmers can contact their Pioneer seed professional or sign up here


Granular is an agriculture software company dedicated to building stronger and more profitable farms. With web and mobile apps grounded in advanced data science, Granular helps farmers make data-driven, real-time business and agronomic decisions with greater confidence. Granular is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of Corteva Agriscience (NYSE:CTVA).

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Marcia Barnett