Corteva Agriscience: Ranchers Should Intensify Pasture Management to Contain Costs

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New White Paper Explores Benefits of Maximizing Pasture Productivity as a Long-term Profitability Strategy; 0% Financing Offer Supports Producers’ Pasture Management Efforts

INDIANAPOLIS — A new resource for ranchers showcases how adopting sound pasture management practices can translate directly to an operation’s overall profit potential. Disrupting Pasture Management: Adopting a Profit-per-Acre Approach, a new white paper from Corteva Agriscience, discusses how making changes to the way pasture is tended can turn a beef operation from a price-per-pound enterprise to a profit-per-acre business. 

“Profitability in ranching hinges on pounds of beef sold and the cost to produce those pounds,” said Scott Flynn, PhD, Zonal Biology Leader at Corteva Agriscience. “Ranchers are making important choices about where they’re spending money. While many don’t consider investing in their pastures a top priority, doing so could translate into an almost-instant return on investment and drive their operational profitability long term.”

Anytime commodity markets pull back, economists remind ranchers about the importance of targeting resources where they generate the greatest return. With feed coming in as a cattle producer’s No. 1 expense and grazed forage their lowest-cost feed source, intensifying pasture management can help productivity and cost containment.

“Too often, pasture management is thought of as a turn-out-and-forget-it enterprise,” Flynn said. “But — much like crop production — grazing land demands frequent scouting and fine-tuning to reach its full yield potential. Cattle producers who shift their thinking and make small changes to their current practices can maximize their existing acres and see a direct return on investment (ROI).” 

In the white paper, available for download at RangeAndPasture.com/ROI, Flynn provides insights on how implementing practices including rotational grazing and effective weed control can help maximize pasture ROI and advance sustainability. The goal, he says, is to increase usable forage and access to it by reducing undesirable weeds and brush; relying less on expensive mowing; and implementing a sound grazing plan.

0% financing helps cattle producers
To support pasture management practices where weed and brush control fit and to help navigate current market challenges during these unprecedent times, cattle producers can take advantage of a Spray Now, Pay Later 0% financing program from Corteva and Rabo AgriFinance. Purchases made through participating retailers through July 31 qualify. Eligible products include new DuraCor® herbicide, plus PastureGard® HL and Remedy® herbicides.

“Our goal is to help producers reduce feed costs while improving cash flow during these unprecedented times,” says Jillian Schmiedt, Range & Pasture Category Lead at Corteva Agriscience. “This program lets ranchers treat now for better grazing all summer and delay payment until after they market calves this fall.” Interested producers can talk to their local retailer and apply at Financing.RangeAndPasture.com or call 888-395-8505.

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