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Soybean Residuals + Enlist™ Ahead

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Get the rewards of a program approach to weed control

When farmers use soybean residual herbicides in a program approach to weed control, they’ll experience benefits, including earning up to $2.50 per acre by using Enlist™ Ahead Farmer Rewards.

Three reasons to add residual herbicides

A program approach means starting clean with a burndown, using effective preemergence herbicides with residual activity and applying Enlist™ herbicides postemergence. It’s that simple. There are three key benefits.

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Downloadable Resources

We’ve made it easy to learn about or share the information needed to employ a program approach and participate in Enlist Ahead Farmer Rewards in 2020.

Soybean residuals on Enlist E3™ acres resource guide


View to learn how applying soybean residuals in a program approach can benefit your fields and your bottom line.

Enlist™ Ahead Farmer Rewards resource guide (NORTH)


View to get full details on how to earn cash back with a program approach on Enlist™ acres in corn belt states.

Enlist™ Ahead Farmer Rewards resource guide (SOUTH)

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View to get full details on how to earn cash back with a program approach on Enlist™ acres in cotton belt states. 



Enlist™ Ahead Farmer Rewards

Still have questions? Visit the Resources & Rewards section of the Enlist website for the Enlist™ weed control system to get full program rules, terms and conditions. 

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Learn more about soybean residuals

Corteva Agriscience™ has a full portfolio of effective soybean residual herbicides, including, Sonic® herbicide, DuPont™ Trivence® herbicide, DuPont™ EverpreX® herbicide and Surveil® herbicides.