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Nitrogen Stabilizer

Maximize above-ground nitrogen applications.

Farmers and retailers can now maximize their above-ground nitrogen by reducing volatilization losses with PinnitMax™ nitrogen stabilizer, a unique formulation that’s easy-to-handle with an ultra-low use rate. PinnitMax™ helps ensure urea and UAN applications get into the root zone and prevents volatilization for up to 14 days to help realize crop yield potential.


An easy-to-handle above-ground nitrogen stabilizer.

PinnitMax addresses the need for better handling of above-ground nitrogen stabilization by offering simple blending, free-flowing applications and effortless cleanup. This frees up labor and processing time for a more efficient operation.

Unique and powerful formulation.

The PinnitMaxformulation contains an exclusive composition of the active ingredient, NBPT. This composition makes PinnitMax the most powerful, gallon-for-gallon, above-ground nitrogen stabilizer with an ultra-low use rate.

Part of the Nitrogen Maximizers portfolio.

With the addition of PinnitMax, farmers and retailers can customize their end-to-end nitrogen applications with the full Nitrogen Maximizers portfolio. PinnitMaxworks above ground to help your nitrogen get to the root zone. N-Serve® and Instinct® technology work below ground to keep it there.

Labeled for use on all crops

State registrations

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  • Unregistered

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient

    NBPT (N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide)

  • Application Rate

    Urea: 1.5 Quarts/ton
    UAN: 0.75 Quarts/ton

    When conditions favoring volatility exists, or when longer control is needed, the rate may be increased by 0.5qt/ton.

  • Application Timing

    Whether applying urea or UAN fertilizer in spring or in sidedress applications, PinnitMax nitrogen stabilizer can help get the most from producer investment by keeping above-ground nitrogen ready and accessible.

  • Approved Use

    Use to delay volatilization of urea and UAN nitrogen fertilizer compositions in the soil by controlling the nitrogen vaporization process.

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