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Weed Control Your Way

With rice herbicides from Corteva Agriscience, you have the freedom to confidently develop customized, season-long weed control programs compatible with all rice technologies and production systems. Plus, rice consultants and growers have the support of knowledgeable, trusted Corteva Agriscience field staff in their corner.

Wide-spectrum control of grassy weeds

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Clincher® SF herbicide is a postemergence herbicide for control of many annual and seedling perennial grasses in rice, including barnyardgrass, sprangletop, broadleaf signalgrass, fall panicum and junglerice.

Comprehensive control

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Grasp® SC herbicide is a broad-spectrum herbicide for postemergence control of all annual barnyardgrass and junglerice species and many broadleaf and annual sedge weeds.

Protect more of your crop's potential

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Loyant® herbicide offers you a valuable tool to fight herbicide-resistant weeds. A postemergence herbicide with Rinskor® active, Loyant provides unmatched broadleaf, grass, sedge and aquatic weed control.

Premier aquatic weed control — available in Louisiana

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Novixid® herbicide puts dual modes of action to work against weeds in your rice fields. Novixid with Rinskor® active and penoxsulam provides outstanding activity on broadleaves, aquatics and sedges, along with control of grasses susceptible to these two actives.

Get ahead of early season weeds

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RebelEX® herbicide is an early postemergence residual herbicide for broadspectrum control of your toughest weeds, including propanil-resistant weeds. Applying RebelEX early as part of a herbicide program will provide consistent control of troublesome weeds like sprangletop, barnyardgrass, broadleaf weeds and aquatics.

Other Products

Early season rice

A portfolio of rice herbicides from Corteva Agriscience provides you with a choice of effective weed control solutions. Our performance-driven and proven rice herbicides deliver flexible, convenient and customizable control, helping you overcome production challenges and improving your profitability potential.Plus, you can rely on our knowledgeable agronomic service and support that stand behind every one of our rice herbicides.

Start the Rice Season Strong

Give Your Rice Fields a Head Start

Applying an effective residual herbicide early as part of a program approach helps provide long-lasting, consistent control of tough weeds. Choose proven options, such as Clincher® SF and RebelEX® herbicides, to give your fields the strength they need to pack a punch against weeds all season long.

Customizable, Effective Weed Control

Any successful residual herbicide program for rice should be customized to address weeds in your specific growing environment and should start earlier than later — much earlier. The larger weeds become, the more difficult and costly they are to control. Clincher® SF herbicide delivers early postemergence control of ALS-, propanil- and quinclorac-resistant barnyardgrass. For weed control post-flood, turn to RebelEX®, a herbicide with dual modes of action for consistent control of sprangletop, barnyardgrass, broadleaf weeds and aquatics. This broad-spectrum weed control is a herbicide solution that fits into all crop systems. 

Flexibility and Convenience

Clincher® SF herbicide can be tank-mixed with other residual herbicides offering rice farmers more flexibility and convenience when implementing early season weed control programs. Clincher SF herbicide also eliminates rotational restriction concerns, an invaluable asset when making crop rotation decisions for the next growing season. RebelEX® herbicide gives you a 60-day preharvest use window and will not injure rice when used as labeled. The two modes of action in RebelEX herbicide provide flexibility in your efforts to preserve chemistries through improved resistance management.


U.S. farmers have a long-standing reputation of providing a safe and reliable source of food and fiber to the world. That reputation was built on their commitment to stay on a path of continuous improvement. Farmers are the world’s front-line environmental stewards. They understand the importance of protecting the environment and preserving its natural resources because they not only work the land each growing season but also many of them raise their families on it. 

Rice Consultant of the Year

The Rice Consultant of the Year award honors the men and women who provide agronomic recommendations, guidance and support to their farmer clients while positively impacting the rice industry and their local communities. Corteva Agriscience and Rice Farming magazine are proud sponsors of this award, presented each year prior to the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show.

Rusty and Karen Elston

Rusty Elston: 2023

Rusty Elston and his brother were educated on the value of and how to work hard early in life. He can close his eyes and still hear the voice of his father, Willard, telling them both, “Always try to earn more than what you’re getting in return.” Elston has never forgotten that. That advice has held him in good stead as he grew up and helped set a firm foundation for his succesful crop consulting business.

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Keith Shelton RCOY

Keith Shelton: 2022

Independent crop consultant Keith Shelton is a devoted family man. That same type of strong devotion extends through his business, Shelton Ag Services, to his clients, who understand why he was chosen to be the 2022 Rice Consultant of the Year.

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BD Fontenot RCOY

B.D. Fontenot: 2021

Although his weed control recommendations are tailored to each field each growing season, Corteva Agriscience and Rice Farming magazine’s 2021 Rice Consultant of the Year, B.D. Fontenot, has a consistent goal: “A clean field that has rice, mud and water in the field only.”

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Amy Beth Dowdy RCOY

Amy Beth Dowdy: 2020

2020 Rice Consultant of the Year Amy Beth Dowdy blazed a trail as an independent crop consultant when few people believed farmers would pay for agronomic recommendations. Since 1996, ABD Crop Consultants LLC has been proving those naysayers wrong and pushing the ROI envelope for its farmer clients.

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Cliff Mock RCOY

Cliff Mock: 2019

Cliff Mock, 2019 Rice Consultant of the Year, has a deep appreciation for rice farmers, because he is a farmer too. Having “skin in the game,” he understands how his recommendations help his farmer clients navigate through crop production issues contributing to their successes. 

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Richard Costello RCOY

Richard Costello: 2018

The Rice Consultant of the Year award recognizes dedication, leadership and innovation. Because independent rice consultant Richard Costello epitomizes all these qualities and more, he was chosen to receive this prestigious award in 2018. 

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Clincher® SF, Grasp® SC, Loyant®,  Novixid® and RebelEX® are not registered for sale or use in all states. Contact your state pesticide regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your state.  Always read and follow label directions.