Tree Nut Insect Challenges

Image of peach twig borer on Tree Nut

Peach Twig Borer

Peach Twig Borer is a common pest that primarily affects stone fruit trees. The larvae of the Peach Twig Borer bore into the twigs and shoots of the host tree to feed. Control of Peach Twig Borer can be challenging due to the concealed nature of the larvae within the twigs and fruit.

Image of Leafroller on Tree Nut


Leafrollers may directly damage fruits by feeding on their surfaces or tunneling into them. This can result in cosmetic damage, making the fruits unattractive for sale in fresh markets. Tunnels created by leafroller larvae may also provide entry points for pathogens, leading to fruit rot and decay.

Image of Navel Orangeworm on Tree Nut

Navel Orangeworm

The Navel Orangeworm is a major pest that primarily affects nut crops, particularly almonds, pistachios, and walnuts. Navel orangeworm larvae bore into the nuts to feed, causing direct damage. Infestations of navel orangeworm can result in significant yield losses for nut crops.

Nematode Management

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Tree Nut Crop Protection - Almond Berms

Nematode Nemesis

Nematodes attack tree roots, which do not grow back, and restrict the tree’s ability to take up water and nutrients. With the affected trees stunted and weak, they may show a lack of vigor and reduced cropping. Nematode damage also predisposes trees to other issues, such as sunburn, branch wilt, flatheaded borer and deep bark canker.1 By controlling nematodes and limiting the issues they cause, you may increase your yield potential and have more marketable crops.

Nematode Control Solutions from Corteva Agriscience

Discover how Salibro nematicide from Corteva Agriscience can protect your tree nut acres.

Salibro™ Nematicide

Salibro™ Nematicide

Help your orchard thrive by keeping nematodes away with Salibro nematicide with Reklemel active. Salibro nematicide controls plant-parasitic nematodes, while being compatible with beneficial nematodes, fungi and bacteria. As a true nematicide, Salibro nematicide offers a new mode of action to help with resistance management.

Weed Management

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  • Tree Nut Crop Protection - Herbicides
  • Tree Nut Crop Protection - Untreated Herbicides

(Left:) Tree nuts protected by Hulk™ with Rinskor™ active. (Right:) Tree nuts without herbicide protection.

Get more details about Matrix SG herbicide and other weed control options from Corteva Agriscience.

Matrix® SG Herbicide

Matrix® SG Herbicide

Similar to insects and diseases, weeds can keep valuable nutrients from nut trees. Manage weeds in trees that have been established for one full growing season with Matrix® SG herbicide. From preemergence through early postemergence, Matrix SG herbicide controls a wide range of broadleaves and grasses, plus it provides good residual control for fall herbicide programs. 

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