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New, effective white mold disease control solution for northern U.S. soybean farmers

Northern soybean U.S. farmers now have a new fungicide from Corteva Agriscience in their arsenal in the constant fight against the yield-limiting disease white mold. Viatude™ fungicide delivers a new level of in-season white mold protection for soybeans.

Viatude has the same proven disease control and performance of Onmira™ active found in Aproach® fungicide that farmers have come to rely on, plus prothioconazole for added white mold protection, strong plant health and higher yield potential at harvest.


Best-in-class white mold protection in soybeans

With proven performance from two of the strongest white mold actives, Viatude™ fungicide offers preventive and curative action on white mold to reduce disease infection, enabling farmers to maximize yield potential. Viatude is also labeled for white mold in canola.

Two Effective Modes of Action

Viatude™ fungicide has the same proven and trusted disease control and performance of Onmira™ active found in Aproach® fungicide, plus the added disease protection from prothioconazole. The unique combination of these two modes of action in a convenient all-in-one fungicide premix effectively controls yield-robbing white mold in soybeans. 

Strong Plant Health

The superior protection in Viatude™ leads to vigorous soybeans throughout the year. Viatude provides complete plant coverage with its rapid absorption and translocation. The four movement properties found in Viatude quickly surround, penetrate and protect leaves and stems. This strong plant health helps farmers achieve higher yield potential. 

Ideal for Program Approach to White Mold Control

Pair Viatude™ with Aproach® in a two-pass system for even stronger plant health throughout the year. A program approach with two fungicide passes, along with other Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, can help prevent disease resistance from developing.

Technical Specifications

  • Application Rate

    Recommended rate (soybeans): 12-16 oz/A; seasonal maximum 48 fl oz/A

    Recommended rate (canola): 8-16 oz/A

  • Active Ingredient

    Picoxystrobin; prothioconazole

  • Mode of Action

    Picoxystrobin is a Group 11 fungicide and prothioconazole a Group 3 fungicide, according to the mode of action classification system of the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee.

  • Fungicide Group

    Picoxystrobin (Group 11); prothioconazole (Group 3)

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