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Yield only tells part of the story. See what’s working at the field and zone level, and how agronomic decisions impact your bottom line.

Solve problems, drive profitability 

Granular Insights is the easiest way for farmers and their advisors to collaboratively plan, grow and analyze each field. Harness the power of your data to boost yield and protect the bottom line.

  • Make confident decisions with data-driven insights 
  • Manage risk with smart, flexible field plans and in-season scouting 
  • Collaborate with your team to ensure that every acre achieves its full potential

For growers

Plant smarter

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  • Get the most value from your seed investment with field-by-field plans that tailor variety and hybrid, rate and placement to every acre you plant
  • Simplify collaboration with your advisors by working from a single, shared tool
  • Set up seed for optimal performance with recommended planter settings and seeding recommendations based on your yield targets, seed price, and grain price

Grow stronger

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  • Easily share actionable and timely field notes, photos, threat observations, and yield estimates with your team
  • Add on Directed Scouting to catch and correct issues faster. Access near daily, 3-meter resolution satellite imagery and weekly email alerts on where to scout first
  • Estimate your yield potential before harvest for a more accurate, timely assessment of bin space needs and contract opportunities

Dig deeper

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  • Easily upload data from the John Deere Operations Center, Ag Leader, or monitors
  • Diagnose, track and understand what happened in your fields with side-by-side financial and agronomic map layers
  • Understand the impact of harvest moisture and planting data on your yield
  • Take a closer look at how different zones are performing to compare product performance

Profit more

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  • Leverage the data you’re already collecting — from planting through harvest — to make more informed, confident decisions that protect your bottom line
  • Compare profit on each acre with varieties planted, soil type, and more using agronomic and financial map layers
  • Understand yield and profit on every acre with varieties planted, soil type, and more

For advisors

Maximize seed investments

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  • Work from a single, shared tool with your customers
  • Easily create field-by-field plans that tailor variety, rate and placement, to every acre your growers’ plant
  • Rely on 95+ years of agronomic data and research to validate seed performance and inform recommendations

Support yield targets

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  • Easily share actionable and timely field notes, photos, threat observations, and yield estimates with your customers
  • Ensure your customers catch and correct crop issues faster with Directed Scouting weekly emails and 3-meter resolution satellite imagery
  • Estimate yield potential before harvest and support your customers in planning for bin space, contracts, and preliminary seed purchase decisions

Analyze performance

analyze performance issue
  • Own the story of seed performance with quick comparisons of key yield performance variables
  • Compare and diagnose seed performance by zone to evaluate trial outcomes
  • Understand the impact of harvest moisture, planting date, soil type and more on yield - and deliver actionable insights to your customers

Secure your spot as trusted advisor

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Access data-driven insights all season to help your customers make more informed, confident decisions that protect profitability on the farm

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