New Digital Resource for Pipeline Vegetation Managers

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Corteva Agriscience has launched an e-book that details the environmental and economic benefits Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) practices provide to pipeline vegetation managers. Learn how to find it and the insights you can expect, inside.

As your trusted partner in vegetation management, Corteva Agriscience provides technical support and expert advice to vegetation management professionals working to ensure a sustainable future for their customers and respective companies. Most recently, Corteva launched a Pipelines & Integrated Vegetation Management e-book to help pipeline vegetation managers understand how strategies associated with an Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) program can help them effectively protect the integrity of pipeline infrastructure.

The e-book also provides access to research insights and digital resources that help pipeline companies and vegetation management professionals improve budget management, landowner communications and environmental stewardship.

Environmental Considerations

Long-standing industry research studies have shown IVM practices provide multiple benefits that support the development of native habitat for pollinators and other wildlife species. As thousands of miles of pipeline rights-of-way border or coexist with wildlife habitat, IVM-based strategies can be used to prevent the development of incompatible plants that impede the development of biodiverse habitat for wildlife and threaten the integrity of pipeline infrastructure.

Economic Insights

Mechanical mowing is a method of control commonly used by vegetation managers across the country. Unfortunately, the exclusive use of mechanized control methods can actually impede the progress and productivity of most vegetation management programs. Rest assured; the e-book doesn’t implore today’s professionals to stop mowing altogether. Instead, it details how IVM strategies enhance mowing results to achieve sustainable success for the future.

Digital Resources for Vegetation Managers

The e-book provides one-click access to a variety of digital resources intended to provide support and enhance understanding for pipeline vegetation managers, their customers and other landowners or land entities they may encounter in the field. These resources include:

  • Environmental research studies
  • IVM cost-efficiency reports and metrics
  • Strategies for effective communications with landowners and the public
  • Habitat management techniques
  • Industry success stories
  • Self-guided digital trainings and how-to videos
  • Product-related resources


Whether you’re responsible for developing plans for a pipeline vegetation management program or have been contracted for work by a pipeline company in need of vegetation control services, IVM-based strategies can be used to effectively manage vegetation, support environmental conservation and benefit your bottom line. To learn more, access the free e-book by visiting


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