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At its core, mowing is a temporary solution to a long-term issue. How? First, mowing is non-selective; there’s no way to single out and avoid specific species when you’re pulling a mower at 12 mph. And no matter what you’re cutting, mowing leaves the root systems intact, making desirable native plants vulnerable to competition from re-growing invasive or undesirable plant species. In addition, mowing is also an efficient way to spread seeds, again contributing to higher undesirable plant densities. But even beyond that, mowing is resource-intensive – no matter if we’re talking about financial or labor resources. 

A well-run integrated vegetation management (IVM) program, however, can help vegetation managers address each of these issues and encourage the establishment of the early successional habitat critical to pollinators and other wildlife. Selective herbicides and selective applications methods – the “heart” of an IVM program – give you key tools to manage the land you steward and promote the development of native and early successional habitat.

A True Partner

Managing roadsides or rights-of-way for pollinator habitat can be complicated. That’s why you need a partner who can not only provide selective herbicides that will allow native vegetation to flourish, but who has the expertise to help guide you along the way. 

As a decades-long supporter of projects like State Game Lands 33, Corteva Agriscience is committed to helping roadside, pipeline, utility, rail and other vegetation managers better understand and more effectively implement integrated vegetation management practices on the lands they steward. 

To learn more about how an integrated vegetation management program can help you control roadside vegetation and enhance critical native habitat, or to connect with your local Corteva vegetation management specialist, visit HabitatWithHerbicides.com.

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