Managing Land for Habitat Biodiversity

Successful herbicide programs and management techniques help enhance beneficial wildlife habitat.

Integrated Vegetation Management - an industry best practice

Success Stories

Read how vegetation managers across the country and across the industry are successfully incorporating habitat management into their vegetation management programs.

Weeds along side GA Roadside

Roadside Vegetation Management

Refined approaches to roadside vegetation management practices can lead to improved roadway safety, cost efficiency and environmental stewardship.  

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Utility tower at sunrise, clean ROW

4 Environmental Reasons to Inves

Results from years of environmental right-of-way (ROW) research indicate the significant impact Integrated Vegetation Management programs can have on ROW management and environmental sustainability.

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brush and powerlines

Brush Control: Safeguarding the Environment and Your Bottom Line

Learn how Integrated Vegetation Management practices can provide economic and environmental benefits to improve brush control programs.

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Pennsylvania State Game Lands 33 Research Project

Since its inception in 1952, the State Game Lands 33 Research Project has established best management principles for electric ROW, including Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) using herbicides. Corteva Agriscience has been a partner in this research for decades.

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Hear from State Game Lands 33 Researchers

The continuous research happening on utility rights-of-way just outside of State College, Pennsylvania has produced a wealth of industry knowledge over the years. Watch as some of the researchers discuss their experiences on the project.

Dr. Carolyn Mahan

A legacy of wildlife research on ROW

Dr. Carolyn Mahan, professor of biology and environmental studies with Penn State University, discusses the more than 60 year legacy of ground-breaking rights-of-way research happening at the State Game Lands 33 Research Project. 

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Brad Ross

Rights-of-way are for the birds

Brad Ross, an instructor and research assistant with Penn State University, describes wire zone/border zone concept of managing vegetation on utility rights-of-way.

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Biodiverse Wildlife Habitat

Partnerships and Resources

Corteva Agriscience has partnered with like-minded organizations to further habitat enhancement practices in vegetation management. These partnerships have resulted in programs and resources that vegetation managers can implement on the lands they manage. 

Sunset over habitat

Habitat Forever

Corteva has announced a partnership with the nation’s leading upland habitat conservation group, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever, to enhance habitat within various non-crop areas. 

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Bumble bee on a flower

Growing pollinator habitat

Corteva Agriscience partners with National 4-H Council, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever on biodiversity initiative

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Georgia utility lines

Biodiversity Research Summary

More than 60 years of research is summarized in Plant and Animal Response to Long Term Vegetation Management Practices on Rights-of-Way 

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