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Developed by Corteva Agriscience, LandVisor® advanced brush management is a turnkey service that covers mesquite control planning through application and follow-up. It combines sophisticated imagery (including satellite) with advanced data analytics and in-person expert guidance from a Certified LandVisor Consultant.  

“If you want to maximize bang for the buck, this is the tool.”
— Benny Martinez, market development specialist for Corteva Agriscience. 

He offers three key ways the technology reduces risk and improves return on investment.

Targeting for Best Return

LandVisor provides digital maps with data showing soil types, key plant species (not just mesquite), mesquite density and potential grass productivity before and after treatment. The maps are interactive, so you can test what-if scenarios. With maps, data and a projection of long-term potential, the rancher and the consultant customize an application plan to the ranch.

“The tool can help you make better decisions and prioritize where you want to spray to accomplish your goals,” Martinez says. “It’s a huge opportunity.”

Choose to spray mesquite only in areas where it maximizes grazing, sculpt brush for wildlife or develop a plan that balances the two. That may mean adjusting where you spray, which herbicide you use or both. 

“We have four different herbicide packages that differ in selectivity,” Martinez says. “We can tailor the herbicide prescription to best match the needs of that pasture. We can include or exclude other species, such as pricklypear.”

Better Control

Research data collected over four years shows an average of 80% mesquite control when following a prescription from LandVisor. That’s 40 percentage points better than spraying during the season, but not following the prescription. There was also less variability in jobs sprayed within the prescription. 

Much of the improvement is due to better application timing, Martinez explains. LandVisor continually monitors the targeted mesquite to pinpoint when it’s most susceptible. Conversely, it can tell when spraying would be less effective. The consultant confirms either verdict with an on-the-ground inspection.

LandVisor can see things the eye cannot, Martinez says. “It’s able to measure multiple key parameters — such as photosynthetic activity. It takes out a lot of guesswork,” he says.

LandVisor also provides a digital application file, sometimes called a “controller file” or “shapefile.” The applicator loads it into a global positioning system (GPS) to enable precise application according to plan. After spraying, the applicator loads a digital as-applied file into LandVisor to show exactly what area was treated.

Follow-up and Warranty

As part of the offer of LandVisor, ranchers have a warranty backed by Corteva Agriscience and the company’s expertise from 40-plus years of spraying mesquite. If mesquite mortality doesn’t meet the warrantied percent in the LandVisor written service policy, the company pays to respray it.

“Less risk, more peace of mind,” Martinez says.

Sign Up for a Demonstration

For more information about LandVisor and to request a demonstration, go to the website It’s the first step to improving your mesquite control and return. 


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