Species Specifics: Saltcedar

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Saltcedar is best controlled via low-volume basal because of its slender, scaly foliage.


  • Heavily saltcedar-infested areas are estimated to consume twice as much water as the major cities of Southern California.
  • Saltcedar infestations are shrubs or small trees that can be 5 to 20 feet tall.
  • Control saltcedar trees year-round with individual plant treatments.



Saltcedar (Tamarix) is a rapid-growing, non-native deciduous tree reaching a height of 20 feet at maturity. It is identifiable by its long, slender branches and deep pink flowers. It has a deep taproot and extensive lateral rhizomes. Once established, it quickly chokes out desirable vegetation. Most important, saltcedar can draw water from underground aquifers — as much as 200 gallons per plant per day.



Saltcedar is native to Eurasia. It was originally introduced to the United States as an ornamental species, but it is now densely established as an invasive species throughout most of the states, especially the Southwest and Midwest. It typically occupies sites with intermediate moisture, including ponds, rivers, washes and riparian areas.



Controlling dense stands of saltcedar is no easy feat. Seeds spread easily. Saltcedar is a deciduous tree or evergreen shrub. The challenge with foliar treatments is to get enough herbicide into the leaves and translocated throughout the plant for complete control — especially when the plants and their root systems are so well-established and may require multiple applications. Low-volume basal individual plant treatments provide a more direct route for the herbicide into the plant and a better opportunity for more-complete control. Low-volume basal applications of 25% Remedy® Ultra herbicide with 75% basal oil can be made anytime, as long as snow or standing water don’t prevent proper application.


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