DuraCor­® Tank Mix

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There are no active ingredients registered that are prohibited for tank mixing with DuraCor.

Do not exceed specified application rates for respective products or maximum allowable application rates for any active ingredient in the tank mix.

Read carefully and follow all applicable use directions, precautions, and limitations on the respective product labels. It is the pesticide user’s responsibility to ensure that all products in the mixtures are registered for the intended use. Users must follow the most restrictive directions for use and precautionary statements of each product in the tank mixture.

Always perform a jar test to ensure the compatibility of products to be used in tank mixture.


Tank Mixing Precautions:

For products packaged in water-soluble packaging, do not tank mix with products containing boron or mix in equipment previously used to apply a product mixture containing boron unless the tank and spray equipment have been adequately cleaned. See Sprayer Clean-Out instructions.


Tank Mix Compatibility Testing:

Perform a jar test prior to mixing in a spray tank to ensure compatibility of GF-3850 and other pesticides or carriers. Use a clear glass jar with lid and mix ingredients in the same order and proportions as will be used in the spray tank. The mixture is compatible if the materials mix readily when the jar is inverted several times. The mixture should remain stable after standing for 30 minutes or, if separation occurs, should readily mix if agitated. An incompatible mixture is indicated by separation into distinct layers that do not readily remix when agitated and/or the presence of flakes, precipitates, gels, or heavy oily film in the jar. Use of an appropriate compatibility agent may resolve mix incompatibility.



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