Clear a Pound of Weeds, Get More Than a Pound of Grass Back

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Now that's a good investment. 

Successful weed control improves pastures by allowing grass to replace weeds. Choosing the right product for an operation is key to improving pastures. GrazonNext® HL herbicide is the premium weed control option. It gets you the best return on investment for every acre you treat. 

The Most Complete Broadleaf Weed Solution for Pastures

How GrazonNext® HL helps you maximize grass production:

  • It's convenient. No need to tank mix for broad-spectrum broadleaf weed control programs 
  • Easily compatible with brush herbicides, like PastureGard® HL herbicide
  • Offers a wide window of application 
  • Safe to established forage grasses, including cool season grasses like orchardgrass, fescue, ryegrass 
  • Available in 2 gallon jugs, 30 gallon drums, and 250 gallon totes 
  • No livestock grazing restrictions 


Recommended Use Rate: 1.5 - 2.1 pts/acre


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