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Managing western rangeland can be challenging. That’s why we're committed to helping you ensure a sustainable future with industry resources and new HighNoon™ herbicide.

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Introducing HighNoon™ Herbicide

As a new foundation-type herbicide that provides extended control of 140+ weeds, HighNoon™ herbicide offers tank-mix compatibility and application flexibility to enhance native grass safety and per-acre productivity. HighNoon is a flexible solution specifically labeled for western territories that can be used across rangeland, pastures and a variety of noncrop areas to effectively control broadleaf weeds, brush and numerous annual grass species.

Functionality and Performance

HighNoon™ herbicide provides extended control of 140+ weeds and supports native grass safety. By controlling troublesome rangeland and pasture weeds, and enhancing residual control of actively growing vegetation, HighNoon herbicide keeps grazing land clean so forages can flourish.

Use-site Flexibility

HighNoon™ herbicide is a foundational solution for treating rangelands, pastures and various noncrop use sites, including roadsides and utility rights-of-way. The product’s chemistry can be broadcast by ground or air and applied postemergence as broadcast spray or spot application. It can also be mixed with liquid fertilizer and impregnated on dry fertilizer in certain states to provide better handling properties.

Environmental Impact

HighNoon™ herbicide is a sound stewardship tool powered by a low-odor and practically non-volatile formulation. As a reduced risk herbicide that supports low use rates, HighNoon has no grazing restrictions and offers low toxicity for mammals, pollinators, soil-dwelling organisms and most desirable aquatic species.

Solutions to meet your land management objectives.

Complex ecosystems and multiple land-use objectives require simple, flexible, adaptive solutions — along with unmatched one-on-one support.

Western Rangeland Weed ID Guide

Resources for Western Rangeland Professionals

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Supporting the Original Stewards

We believe it’s vital for the industry to identify misperceptions and engage in conversations about sustainability.

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Range & Pasture Steward

Smart and effective information cattle producers and land managers can use to maximize productivity.

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Application Methods

Successful control starts with proper application. Choose the method that best meets your objectives.

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Western Weed & Brush ID Guide

Learn how to identify troublesome species and get to the root of the problem.

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Workshop Shares Benefits

Rangeland resiliency takes center stage as Corteva Agriscience, land managers, government agency representatives and other stakeholders share knowledge, research and goals.

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