Seed Applied Technologies

A Lot Depends on Your Seed. Protect It.

A seed is the very definition of potential. But even with the very best genetics, your customers can still lose out to early season pests, diseases and less-than-ideal soil conditions. To get the most out of their seed investment, protect every seed right from the start with advanced seed treatments from Corteva Agriscience.

Corn Seed Treatments

Protect corn seedlings with industry-leading seed treatments before disease, pest and nematode activity start. 

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Soybean Seed Treatments | Early soybean field

Soybean Seed Treatments

Premium seed treatments offering unparalleled protection from top yield-robbing diseases and pests. 

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Wheat Seed Treatments

Lumivia® CPL insecticide seed treatment is a new mode of action that raises the industry standard of wheat protection against yield-robbing pests.

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Canola Seed Treatments

See the Lumiderm™ insecticide seed treatment difference in cutworm control.

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Questions about premium seed treatments from Corteva Agriscience™  Contact: Lance Livingston or Andrew Stein