• Fungicide Seed Treatment

Better Protection versus the #1 Early Corn Disease – Pythium 

Lumiante™ fungicide seed treatment provides enhanced protection against Pythium. Combine Lumiante™ fungicide seed treatment and Metalaxyl for a one-two punch with two different modes of action for improved and long-lasting seedling protection.

Key Benefits

Controls Metalaxyl-resistant species

Use Lumiante as part of an integrated disease management program for extra protection against Metalaxyl-resistant plant species.

2.9 bu/A yield advantage

When compared to standard IST/FST seed treatments.1

Balanced translocation with better seed, root and mesocotyl protection

Lumiante is effective at low application rates and offers balanced translocation.

1Data is based on replicated research trials from 2013-2015 at 50 locations comparing standard IST/FST seed treatment recipe with LumianteTM fungicide seed treatment to recipe without.

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