Lumivia® Insecticide Seed Treatment
newly planted corn in a field

Lumivia® Insecticide

Seed Treatment

Protect Your Success with Effective Insecticide Corn Seed Treatment

DuPont™ Lumivia® insecticide seed treatment helps corn growers protect their seed investment with broad-spectrum protection against key insect pests.

Lumivia® insecticide seed treatment is a convenient seed-applied insecticide for corn that is part of the DuPont Lumigen® seed sense family of products. Lumivia® helps growers achieve strong, uniform stands by providing effective protection against damage from insects that feed on corn seedlings during vulnerable early season development.

With enhanced protection against early season pest injury to corn from insects including wireworms, white grubs, black cutworms, seed corn maggot and fall armyworm, Lumivia® is a tool to help growers protect the genetic potential of high-value seed corn.

Ask your corn seed provider for added protection from Lumivia® insecticide seed treatment.


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