Got goosegrass?

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Goosegrass top view in turf

Goosegrass (Eleusine indica) is a troublesome grassy weed commonly found in athletic fields; golf tees and fairways; and in other turfgrasses that are mowed short. With a prostrate growth habit and wagon-wheel-like appearance, goosegrass competes very well with warm- and cool-season turf that is subject to intense traffic or use.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Dimension® specialty herbicide provides preemergence goosegrass control. Here are tips to help you get goosegrass under control this spring:

  • For best results, apply Dimension at 0.5 lb a.i./A just prior to goosegrass germination. Make sure to base your timing on experience or soil temperatures. Apply a second application at 0.5 lb a.i./A roughly six weeks after your first application.
  • Working with bermudagrass? Dimension can be applied at any time on bermudagrass in wet or dry conditions, and will not delay spring greenup.
  • Dimension allows for overseeding six weeks after the initial application, and will also provide early-season Poa annua 

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