Tough turf diseases? Try Eagle® 20EW specialty fungicide

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Turfgrass that is maintained using proper cultural practices (irrigation, fertilization, mowing) is less likely to become diseased than turf that does not receive proper care. However, an integrated management program that includes cultural and chemical methods is the key to preventing and controlling turfgrass diseases.

Eagle® 20EW specialty fungicide works systemically to control more than a dozen diseases, so you can cure problems and prevent recurrence. Eagle 20EW migrates upward through plant tissue and provides continuous protection as new foliage appears for up to 28 days after an application. It is an ideal wall-to-wall solution and is labeled for use on a variety of common residential turf, flowers, shrubs, ornamentals and high-visibility plants such as crabapples and backyard fruit trees. 

Eagle 20EW comes in convenient packaging sizes — 1-gallon jugs and 16-ounce bottles — making it easy to measure, mix and apply the recommended treatment for any size property or planting bed. 

Optimum disease control is achieved when Eagle 20EW is applied as part of a regular preventive disease control program on a 10- to 14-day schedule. 

State restrictions on the sale and use of Eagle 20EW apply. Consult the label before purchase or use for full details. Always read and follow label directions.


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