Enriching lives together

Three farmers walking through their field with the sunset behind them

Building a more responsible food system

Our promise: To focus on economic opportunity, social inclusion and health solutions while protecting and nourishing resources throughout the food system.

Helping agricultural communities thrive

We support farmers around the globe to ensure they have the tools and innovations to produce what our food system demands, while conserving resources and sustaining the land.

Collaborating for Sustainability

Two farmers looking at a crop

Sustainability is vital to farming’s future. That’s why we’re working across the agricultural value chain to ensure food is safe, nutritious and plentiful. Through our innovative products and collaborative efforts, we’re helping shape the sustainable future of food and agriculture.

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Empowering Smallholder Farmers

Woman farmer threshing chaff

We are working to end global hunger and ensure a food-secure future for growing populations by empowering smallholder farmers around the world with improved technologies and practices. Furthermore, through collaborations with key stakeholders, including governments, banks and nongovernmental organizations, we are strengthening rural communities and combating global hunger.

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Investing in Communities

Men in tomato field inspecting plants

Around the globe, Corteva Agriscience uses its crop science expertise to address unique challenges facing local and regional communities. By promoting economic opportunity and social inclusion for all, we enhance agricultural communities so each member of our food system is poised to thrive. Driven by our purpose to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, we understand that, in order to grow, we must work together.

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