Helping Fight Food Insecurity in Africa

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Since 2013, Dow Agrosciences has partnered with AMPATH, an Indiana University-led consortium, to fight African food insecurity by providing local farmers with agricultural knowledge to improve crop yields. For the last five years, Dow Agrosciences has sent employees to Kenya for six-month assignments to work alongside AMPATH to enable agricultural progress in the region.

AMPATH was an ideal partner for this outreach program due to its extensive work and expertise providing holistic healthcare services in Kenya. It is a partnership between Moi University, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital and a consortium of North American academic health centers led by the Indiana University School of Medicine. AMPATH works together with the Government of Kenya. Because of its commitment to initiating sustainable, locally-led programs, AMPATH now engages Kenyan farmers to produce food for its patients and local communities.

This year (2018), Corteva Agriscience™ employee, Erica Duffy, continues the tradition. Duffy will spend mid-June until mid-November working to identify areas of need, networking with Corteva Agriscience™ subject matter experts around the world to develop sustainable solutions to identified problems. As with previous program participants, Duffy will be based in Eldoret, Kenya, and will be joined in November by another Corteva Agriscience™ employee to start the transition as she completes her six-month assignment.