Let’s Talk Food

Let’s Talk Food!

We know agriculture innovation touches every bite of food we eat and work hard to bring agriculture and food leaders together.

Let’s Talk Food

Report highlights trust, understanding

The Future of Food and Farming research

With our commitment to collaborating, we’re reimagining the future of food. Our Future of Food & Farming study shows consumer and farmer attitudes about challenges within the food and farm industries and demonstrates their desire to work together. It concludes consumers, the food industry, and farmers must come together to discuss solutions to these critical issues. 

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Let’s Talk Food

Focus on Health

Healthy oils for the food industry and consumers

Oils made from the high oleic oil seeds at Corteva include Omega-9 Canola Oil and Plenish® high oleic soybean oil. These healthy oils benefit the food industry, providing superior performance and flavor. They also bring benefits to the consumer, offering cleaner labels and the ability to prepare food using a healthier oil.

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Let’s Talk Food

Where ideas become reality

Solving food challenges together

We are committed to open and collaborative innovation—not just in word, but in practice. We invite you to learn about how we approach collaborative research and to submit your ideas on our open innovation portal.

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Let’s Talk Food

Agricultural innovation impacts the food industry.

What happens on the farm is the foundation of what happens in the food industry. Every bite of food we take is impacted by agriculture innovation.

The connection between food and agriculture

Here are a few resources that showcase how agriculture innovation impacts the food industry and the tools farmers use to produce high quality, abundant ingredients for the food industry.

In every grocery aisle.

Let’s Talk Food

Agricultural innovation combines the best science and latest technology to make producing food easier for farmers, while creating choices and high-quality ingredients for the food industry.

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Seed science is food science.

Let’s Talk Food

Modern tools and technology help farmers successfully and sustainabily grow crops. Learn more about where it all begins, with the seed.

Discover the tools modern farmers use.

Protecting crops protects food.

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Because crop protection tools help farmers grow stronger, higher-yielding plants, the food industry gains access to high quality, affordable ingredients.

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Let’s Talk Food

Our commitment

We are dedicated to developing solutions to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come.