Nose-to-Nose With an Alpaca at Macedo’s Mini Acre

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Tucked away in Turlock, California, Macedo’s Mini Acre is where yarn begins. Generations of alpacas and llamas have been raised and shorn here by Larry, Maureen and their family.

In this “Field Trips” episode with Tara Beaver Coronado, get up close and personal with an alpaca, see the different types of fleece and watch the delicate process of making yarn.

Get to Know Macedo’s Mini Acre

How They Got Started

Larry’s family has farmed for three generations in Turlock, and Maureen’s family has farmed for four generations. But their alpaca farm started 12 years ago when their daughter, who knits, wanted to find a new yarn source!

How They’ve Seen Agriculture Become More Sustainable

“We are part of the Northern California Fibershed and recently received a Climate Beneficial Grant. The slow clothes movement (like the slow food movement) has been catching on.”

What They Want You to Know About Agriculture

“Without it there is no food or clothing. The planet depends on agriculture.”