8 Steps to Winterize Your Sprayer

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Get Ahead of Old Man Winter

It’s that time of year when temperatures get cold and stay cold across the Midwest. Now is the time to make sure your equipment is winterized and ready to go next spring.

When it comes to your herbicide sprayer, taking a few maintenance steps now will save you time - and headaches – in the spring. It will also help keep your sprayer in good working order for years to come.

Follow These Steps

  1. Rinse Sprayer – Rinse the equipment, including the tanks, lines, booms and nozzles using clean water.
  2. Rinse Sprayer Again – Fill the tank with clean water once again and add a cleaning agent (consult product label for the proper cleaning agent), then run it through the entire system.
  3. Rinse Sprayer Two More Times – Run clean water through the system twice more.
  4. Rinse Outside of Sprayer – Make sure to wash any product off the outside of the equipment.
  5. Drain Sprayer – Drain remaining water from the system; consider helping this process along by using compressed air.
  6. Add Antifreeze – Put antifreeze into the system to prevent any remaining water from freezing and potentially damaging equipment. Check the antifreeze label to see if you need to dilute it with water first. Some products need dilution, some do not.
  7. Repair Sprayer – Inspect equipment for any necessary repairs and make them while you have time.
  8. Store Sprayer – Take off any removable parts and store them in a place that won’t freeze.

Remember to wear any necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) during this process. PPE and proper cleaning agents may vary for different herbicides. So, make sure to consult product labels. You can find labels for the corn herbicides from Corteva Agriscience by visiting the Corn Herbicides Portfolio page on Corteva.us.